Jun 27, 2018
Your data Might be Unsafe and How You can protect It
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Dealing with data collection and processing per day or it is stored in your database or elsewhere, do not be so confident about their privacy and security. Chances are it may be under serious risk.
Factors that may breach data:-
Cyber Attacks
This is the primary threat to the security of data. The attacker may target your data either to steal it or for criminal activities. A recent report filed by Privacy Rights Clearing House, about 40% of attacks on data are carried out via malware or other outside attacks. This is the very high figure on the high side because hackers usually don't target small systems where only a few data are available, they go for systems which have thousands of personal pieces of information like finance administrative field, medical centres, HR dept or other related places.

Accidents can also affect your data negatively. It might be possible that you by your own disclose data to an unauthorized person who may misuse them.The accidents that may have a very high impact on your data include losing your computer, mobile, or loss of data by some unexpected source. These may include very valuable resource like details of your credit/debit cards or some other bank information. 

Computer Virus
Basically, a computer virus is a software or file that can move from an infected system to another. Once your computer is virus infected it could steal, corrupt, or even delete data permanently stored on the computer.There are many ways to infect your computer with a virus like downloading a file from the computer or internet, sharing a file with an infected computer or popularly while browsing the internet.

The risk of phishing also makes your data unsafe. Phishing is one of the most effective tools used by cybercriminals to get private and confidential data or information about an unwary person.Phishing scams are always shown as email messages that emanate from the authentic source. In a phishing email, the unsuspecting victim will be deceived into giving their confidential information as the criminals present the email as emanating from the victim’s email service provider, his or her bank, and other reputable organizations. After getting the information, the scammer will use it to steal more data or have access to victim's bank account and other confidential information. In the hands of daredevil cybercriminals, phishing has proved to be very effective and easy.

Human errors
Human error may also affect your data badly. Some of the most common error include accidental deletion of an important file containing your data. Files containing your data, improper drive partitioning or formatting, accident removal or installation of files.Putting your system where it is easy for children may also lead to damage of data because they may delete some important files.Such accidents lead to the complete loss of your data, especially if you don't have the backup for the gone data.

From the above-given reasons for data breach and its prevention, you can draw a clear perspective to avoid them. Always handle your system in a protective environment and moreover it is better to use any of the antivirus software available commercially. You should use a password for the computer so it could avoid any illegal access to your data. Always keep a steady eye on your browsing and avoid using any suspicious websites.


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