Jun 29, 2018
Why Freelancers Need heritage learning?
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There are more freelancers in the heritage learning sector than ever before. Becoming a freelancer is an exciting and rewarding career move, but it is also a big challenge. While this growth in the freelance industry is interesting, it also means the landscape is getting more competitive. It not only do freelancers need to grow the right skills, they also need to have a variety of useful skills. 

In this article, We are going to explore some of the most important skills that freelancers need to be familiar with in order to grow in today’s gig economy. Then we will hike you through some of the practical ways you can gain an educational power and position yourself at the top of your field for years to come. 

Increasing to the top of your skills:
Growth is happening in just about every skills, but nowadays freelancers are especially in demand in the following fields. 

1.Website Development:
Well-versed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript,Bootstrap,Angularjs,PHP?If you are an expert in these coding languages and more, you are in for some good news. You can make a lot of money in this field (and there’s certainly no shortage of work). The key is to find a platform you’re comfortable with and really build up your skill set. As mobile devices and e-commerce continue to dominate the industry, demand for websites will only increase.

 2. Website Optimisation:
The number of websites on the Internet is increasing regularly. In 2017, there is a big 70% increase in the number of websites from the previous year. As competition increases, website optimization is to gain an outline of competitors. Several skills are required for website optimization.Search engine optimization (SEO) is the skill to boost a website’s ranking on the list of a search engine result page. Why is this important? On average, 93.5% of clicks go to the first page and 32.5% of traffic goes to the first result of search engine. When the SEO techniques are precise it results in exposure to more people. The usage of outdated techniques in search engine algorithms is not recommended. 

3. Digital marketing: 
 Another high-demand field is digital marketing. Many businesses can’t afford to hire a full staff, so they often bring in freelancers to do contract work. If you have some creativity and strategy, you can grow in today’s digital marketing skills. It is a large range of online marketing efforts. To use social media help businesses to optimize engagement and use appropriate hashtags on these platforms with social media marketing. Other digital marketing efforts include content marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and online PR. Up the game by applying data science to digital marketing! 

4. Graphic Design: 
It is the art of putting images, text and other media together to create an impactful visual impression. This is important to build a lasting first impression, especially online where first impressions are formed rapidly. that website visitors take less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression. Graphics design is also important for online and offline branding. When the graphic design is impressive they can attract the users through its designs. Even with the grow of DIY design tools and drag-and-drop website builders, the graphic design remains important field with very cost effective pay for freelancers who possess high levels of creativity. 

5. Digital Photography: 
From small-scale personal photo shoots to weddings and large corporate events, photographers are in-demand to shoot moments of special occasions.The photographers can take the relevant pictures instead of searching for specific photos to market the business. With the advent of social media, pictures are capturing more attention than written posts. Consistent posts of quality pictures on social media can go a long way to establish a brand’s identity.  

6. It security: 
Initially, the client signs up on the website and post a project with detailed requirements, budget. The registered freelancers find the project by browsing the website. The interested freelance bids for the project. The client invites their favorite professionals to bid for the project. Client reviews each bid offer and decides based on bidders’ profiles as well. Based on the information in the profile, the client will choose a bidder and then accepts it. After that, the payment is done. The money will be transferred to freelancer upon project’s successful completion. The client and freelancer can discuss their project progress. After completion and acceptance of the project, freelancers will be paid for their services. 

7.Whiteboard Animation: 
In the past few years, we have seen many digital computerized advertisements. These all are called whiteboard animations. It’s about 30 to 50 seconds of video. You will be surprised to know they're earning just by making short clips. Whiteboard animation is trending. In near future, around 2019 to 2020, it will be one of the highest demand skills. 

The competition in the field of freelance is increasing, so it is worthy to invest in education and increase your skills in the related field. By gaining knowledge in your field you can increase the chances of getting projects. The increase in projects depends on your profile too. 


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