Apr 16, 2018
When Should You Ask Freelance Clients to Pay?
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Freelancing career is great when you get paid off for your work. Sometimes clients are not good enough to pay the money and sometimes freelancers make the mistakes.While a freelancer commits to a project, one of the major priority should be the contract between a freelancer & a client where each and every detail is mentioned clearly. Missing the proper details such as work time and your income is one of the major mistakes generally freelancers make. Sometimes they simply don’t ask and sometimes due to the awkwardness of asking for salary tempts them to stop asking.Working without a contract is unprofessional and a sure way to lose money.

We being a freelance jobs site, will be sharing with you when and how to ask your freelance clients to pay.     

Ask the clients to pay you based on your contracts 
A contract is a professional way to deal with freelance projects online while you are a freelancer. Get the contract signed between you and the client where details related to project, payment, timings are mentioned properly. Apart from work prospects, it should include for how many days you need to work for them, for how much time they will be paying you, what will be the payment within a specific timeline and so on. In case if any penalty is there, is that mentioned or not. This makes a way easier for you and you can ask the clients for the payment. 

Ask Several time but don’t irritate them
You need to generate invoice weekly for the work you are taking care of. A client may ignore a monthly based invoice but he will not be able to ignore weekly invoices. As soon as your work for one-week finishes, you can send them the invoice. While sending on the weekly basis is a good attempt to ask the client about your payment but you can genuinely not ask the clients after two or three days every time. This will let the clients get irritated and that will bring a wrong impression to your work portfolio. However, asking money for the work you have done should be paid off. 

Ask on the first day of every month or on weekends 
Asking your payment at the end of the month or starting of the month is a basic culture a professional can follow irrespective of the fact if you are a freelancer or a normal professional.Make sure you are sending the invoices at the specified time as this is the suitable time to accomplish the task of asking your payment. You can simply ask on the first day of the month or either you can ask on the weekends.  

Ask in advance from the clients 
 In some industries, professionals ask 50% of their income while they are still working on the project. Before starting the deal, you can simply say like that you want 50% in mid of the project and 50% after the work has been completed. If they agree, it means the clients are good while if they back off, it might be the case where they would not want to pay you for the work you did. 

Working as freelancer brings a great opportunity to earn passive income. But what if clients are not paying you or they are simply taking work from you and later on, it will let you disturb more. So, if you hate to be an unpaid freelancer, ask your clients frequently about your pay and do send them invoices.

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