May 31, 2018
What a freelancer can do to motivate himself every day?  
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There comes a time when a person does not feel to work or to do any activity just because of the sickness. It feels like we are unable to do anything mentally or physically. The thing which comes to mind at that point is to anyhow just complete the work but here the enthusiasm gets missing. Working with a healthy mind is always fruitful. So the major concern is how you can balance your life in such a way that you remain motivated while you are on duty.  

For freelancers, it becomes even more difficult on how to carry out their work process when they are tired either mentally or physically. Absent mind or less passion to work can drown their career. So the basic necessity in such case is to be motivated so that you are working happily and living happily. 

 There are some simple ways which can help you to remain motivated:  

1. Get motivation from others:
Try to get motivation from various other contents, be it a music to get relaxed, a song to keep yourself fresh or some motivational speech which will bring you back to positivity. Movies, books, songs and inspirational speech assist you in moving forward with guidance and inspiration.  

2. Find your partner in crime:
Doing any task alone becomes monotonous or you might not have that passion to do it. Suppose you want to join the gym. When you are alone, you will go for 2-3 days and after that, there might be the situation where you will think to drop the idea of continuing gym. While having someone with you might help you in motivating and you will end up continuing with your gym.

This is the best to find your partner in crime whenever you are doing anything. This will motivate you for sure.   

3.  Review your goals before starting your work:
When you are working online on freelance sites, make sure that you have reviewed your goals completely before starting the work. Find out what task you want to complete for the day on the priority basis and attempt to complete it. Make your dreams S.M.A.R.T.(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive)  

4. Analyze your to-do list properly:
When you have a long list of tasks to finish, analyze it and cut it into two parts. Focus on priority tasks and after completion of that, you can go for remaining tasks. This step will not only reduce your stress of work but will also keep you motivated for completing the assigned tasks. 

5.  Don’t work Continuously, Take a Break:
For freelancers, who are working on online sites, it becomes tough to breathe also. But this is not what should happen. Being a freelancer, you have the right to live and work in the way you want. You are not working in any organization, no need to finish it today itself. Relax, take rest, go in your own space, enjoy, have fun, be yourself and then return back to your work. There are a lot of jobs for freelancers where you might face the similar situation but make sure that you are relaxed and stress-free. Taking a break not only helps you in relaxing but also motivates and passionates you to accomplish your tasks. 


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