Jan 18, 2018
Top 3 Attitudes – Key to Successful Freelancing
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Freelancing doesn’t mean that you are now FREE! There is no freedom from the hard work – right from marketing our self to fetching clients to producing outcomes to paying taxes – it’s like a solopreneurrunning the business as one-wo/man army! As we don’t have regular pay checks the battle is fiercer than it seems.The only thing that remains our armour in this tough battle is our ATTITUDE. It helps us handle the pedantic and obscure clients and work, helps us stay motivated even when we are on the brink of quitting – our true soul mate – our ATTITUDE!As Winston Churchill had said: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Let me share my top 3 attitudes that has helped me not just survive but make the big difference:

1. Prioritize Self-Discipline

Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline. Since being at home, we think that handling a few chores at home / running a few errands / working at our own leisure might do the trick. After all we have chosen to do freelancing. But it really doesn’t work all the time as we have to coordinate with clients or collaborate with other members. Also, some of the clients may feel that we are at their disposal at any time since we are working out of home. This makes it essential that we define a fixed duration of working hours and ensure we stick to it. We can also communicate the same to the clients too and it will make us appear professional too.

2. Uphold Integrity

Integrity basically refers to whenever we give our word, we keep it and if we cannot (for whatsoever reason), we communicate the same to the client, and rework in such a manner that the communication is absolute and conclusive. As freelancers our integrity is often questioned because others feel we may not be disciplined and maybe busy with household chores or hobby classes. But remember to stay professional and on track despite these comments. Always let our work speak on our behalf.

3. Remain Nimble

In this VUCA world, we have transitioned from the “Information Age” to the “Innovation Age” .Incessant active learning is the only way to adapt to the changing scenarios. We should take success and failures equally in our stride and treat them as learning fodder. Also, the continuous learning enables us to easily step out of our comfort zone when required. We can actually spend more time on our personal exponential growth as we   are the privileged few who can concentrate on the work devoid of office chatter or long commute.

Now it’s for you to share, what according to you are the Top 3 attitude that defines your success as a freelancer? Looking forward to hearing.

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