Jun 04, 2018
Things A Freelance UX Designer Should Know
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Becoming a freelance UX designer is good but it is not as easy as it seems. Freelance UX designer should possess all good qualities and should be able to know what is the good way to approach the client and how to accomplish the provided tasks.   Before you start your career you should know in-depth about what all a UX designer should know when he is a freelancer. 

In today’s fast growing world internet is ruling all over the place and due to it people nowadays prefer free working environment and lifestyle. So due to this people are more attracted to become a freelance UX designer the main reason for this attraction is free time and place with high salary as compared to regular jobs. According to a recent survey in IT industry, it shows that 70% of the people work as a freelancer as designers back-end developers and mobile engineers. 

Advantages of being a freelance UX designer
There are lot more advantages when you start your career as a UX designer on an online working site. Some of them are listed below which you can go through and understand : 

  • You do not have to work for a specific 9 hour. You don't have to go for a regular nine hours of work. Flexibility is the best thing which you get when you think to start your career by offering freelance services online.
  • You can easily get more time to design and you will also get a deep knowledge of it. In spite of wasting your time traveling and other things, you can easily \utilize them for the betterment of your career.
  •  You can choose project depending on your skill. You will be free to choose any project depending on your skills.
  • Your income will be high. The income of the freelancer will be more as compared to the regular professionals. Get your income based on your experience, skills an portfolio.

Disadvantages of being a freelance UX designer
As you have seen, the advantages of being a UX designer, you should know what all are disadvantages of being a freelance UX designer: 

  • There is no job security. Since it is not a fixed job your work depends on the demand of the clients. Till the time you have projects in your hand, your job is secure. after that you gain need to hunt for finding clients and projects based on your skills. 
  • As there are no stable projects source, income depends on the project. Your income totally depends on the amount of project you are getting. While you have mor eexperience, income wil be high and if you are a beginner you will have to compromise on income. 
  • You would not be getting some basic requirements like health insurance. As you are working as a freelancer you won't be getting the basic requirements that office professionals get such as medical claims, traveling compensation, meals, cabs facilities etc. 
  • The energy required is more as the research, thinking and the design should be done byyou only.There is no teamwork when you are a freelancer. You have to take all the tasks on your own shoulder to complete it. 
Some other relevant things a UX designer should know
As far as salary is concerned, it totally depends on your experience, no. of projects you have undertaken and the skills you acquire. According to a recent study it is seen that an average salary of a freelance UX designer is $134k. When you have these handful skills and experience, it is not that tough to get good income when you are an expert UX designer. 

Some points that every UX freelancer should follow: 

  • Keep upgrading yourself 
  • Be visible 
  • Communicate with more people 
  • learn new tools      
When you are a UX designer, you have the idea of how projects need to be handled. With proper experience and skills, it becomes easy to gain your goals as a freelancer. For beginners, it's quite tough at the start but with increasing experience and working hands-on projects, they are able to figure out the best way of living a freelance lifestyle.

What are your thought on UX designers as a freelancer? What all you were knowing about UX designing when you started getting freelance jobs online? 

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