Apr 04, 2018
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Freelancing is like you have got your door open to work & get paid. You just need to showcase your skills on the freelancing jobs platform. Being one of the best e-sourcing/freelancing platforms for Professional Services, we will be sharing some of the optimum tips to launch your freelance writing career. There are lots of ideas or topics which you can select to kick off your freelancing career as a content writer. You just have to hook up with an agency, take gigs from job boards, sign up on “bid to write” sites, and that’s it. Now, it’s totally your wish where you want to work from - you can sit on the beach, just write, and earn with proficiency. But, this is not the case, When you are thinking to be a great writer and to have a great writing career, your work ethics should not be like that as it’s discussed above. It should be unique, dedicated and passionate. It’s obvious that freelance writing is in much demand & anyone can go for this skill. But, becoming a successful freelance writer and making good money involves lots of work, dedication, passion & skill. We are sharing few strategies you can use that will build your business steadily.
1. Choose the right niche in which you can proceed well
If you are thinking that you will simply write about everything whatever a client asks or demands on freelancing platform, then it’s a totally wrong step you gonna take! You need to identify the niche in which you want to write and make your portfolio likewise so that you hold expertise and you can carry the work front with ease. While, if you think that you can write anything or everything, you need to research a lot.And the most important thing is that nobody is going to pay off for the research work which you have done. They will only pay for the work you have done.

2. Get a website of your own
One of the basic step to get into the shoes of a great writer is to have your own website. For this, you don’t need to hire a web developer or be a techie person. You just need to get a WordPress website and create a website easily. Based on your website, you will be getting better responses when it comes to the website based portfolios. You just need to make a connection and work throughout because you can fix your payoff amount later on as your skill increases.

3. Write killer samples
Based on your niche, write few samples in order to get your client convinced. Suppose, you are fond of cooking & its recipes, then for you, it becomes easier to write some best work samples related to food & their recipes. Or, if you are a digital marketer, you can show your talent by introducing various facts & strategies related to digital marketing.This will let other clients know, that you are possessing great talents based on your niche and will help you in getting more clients.

4. Start pitching – Everywhere
Simply creating a website and writing some great sample will only work when you start pitching it well. You need to put extra effort so that people know about your website, portfolio or talent. This will help you to stand on the top in this competitive world. 

* Reach out to individuals & companies through emails who are related to your niche: 
The initial step you can take is to do research on who would be interested in your niche and whom you can benefit with your work portfolios. Based on that, you need to send them emails which should contain all the necessary details such as about the topics which you write about, link to some great post which you have published somewhere and to your website, and apart from that, try to interact to your audience by asking a reply in return – you do not get what you don’t ask for. 

* Develop an elevator pitch:
This is just something by which you let others know who you are & what you do in terms of profession. Don’t just say, “I am a content writer in the Food & beverages or real estate or some other niche.” Rather Say, “I make Food & beverages/real estate or other websites shine with great blog posts that their visitors love.” You should have your elevator pitch and a business card boot ready wherever you are or whatever you are doing. 

* Get a LinkedIn account and write an amazing profile:
Get your LinkedIn profile polished with your recent activities & work samples. Join various groups based on your selected niches.

* Join a local networking group or a niche-related organization and get to every  meeting:
Join local networking group related to niche and ask the members if they can send review based on your sample works and so on. That Will prepare a positive pitch based on the positive response you would be receiving from the members.

Writing is not as easy as it looks but you can learn easily and accomplish your bigger dreams by following the above steps. Vulpith - a freelancing company offers you the same pitch where you can accomplish your dreams and manage to show your talents easily as it let you find freelance jobs online. Join Vulpith today if you want to get hired for online freelance jobs.

What's your thought on launching writing career as a freelancer and how do you manage it? Let us know your thoughts through comments!

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