Apr 23, 2018
The Checklist of a Newbie Freelancer
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The freelance market is no longer a dreaded employment option and as in fact become a regular source of income for individuals with highly-commercialized skills that are being sought after by several corporate entities and businesses.


The volume of money accrued from freelance transactions on a global scale is in indeed quite impressive with nearly  $800 billion earned in the past year in the US alone. With freelance also accounting for about 35% of the country’s workforce, it is clear for all to see that it does indeed provide a lucrative medium to earn an income on a consistent basis. 

If you're a newbie who has begun to hone a marketable skill, or an expert leaving the corporate world for a venture into the realm of freelance, there are basic things you must do to have a shot at a successful freelance career. While the competition for clients and projects in the freelance market is fierce and brutal, it is not impossible for a newbie with remarkable proficiency in certain tasks to attract lots of clients only after a few weeks as a full-time freelancer. 

If you want your chances of being a successful freelance expert to be highly probable, then you must adhere to the checklist below. 

Have a clear plan

Even though this is perhaps a cliché that is called upon in almost any endeavor, be it personal or financial, it is still quite relevant when it comes to having a successful career as a freelancer. 

A clear plan as it pertains to freelancing consists of a variety of things including an ideal freelance platform that will help launch your career, a well-conceived portfolio and dossier to increase your chances of attracting clientele, a potent marketing strategy to help you land clients, and lastly, the right tools to help you execute tasks. 

Failure to create a plan could lead to disastrous consequences that aren’t only embarrassing but also costly.

Have an online footprint

If you want to have a thriving freelance career, it is crucial that you have a very active internet presence. This doesn't necessarily mean running different social media accounts with lots of followers although it doesn't hurt to have them as well. What this refers to is a reputable status on one or multiple online platforms that will boost your freelance career. 

Online tools like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Twitter to an extent can help you create a status that will undoubtedly aid you in your quest to have a successful freelance career. 

Having a portfolio is essential

Familiar excuse newbies make for their failure to win over clients is the absence of a detailed and attractive portfolio. Many think it's unfair to request a portfolio from a freelancer just learning the ropes in the freelance market. Now while their concerns are indeed legitimate, the wish of a client to only work with a competent and experienced expert can't as well be discarded at all. 

Since it is a client that foots the bill of a freelance transaction, it is within the individual’s right to request for a freelancer of the highest caliber. It is simply inconsiderate to expect a prospective client to trust you with a project when you basically have no experience and no completed task in your portfolio to back you. 

If you want to earn the trust of prospective clients as a newbie in the freelance market, you must simply complete projects with your expertise even if the pay is little or non-existent. As you complete more tasks for people, you will gradually build your portfolio until it increases your reputation and brews customer confidence.

Have all the necessary tools

Before you take the bold step into the freelance market and begin engaging clients, it is important that you have all the tools that will be applied to complete the tasks. Regardless of what skill-sets your job entails, having the tools nearby will not only make you look professional but will also increase your chances of securing a client since the availability of your work tools shows your readiness to perform the task. 

If you’re a web design expert or web programmer, you must have all important web programming tools and software installed on your system. This doesn’t only help display your professionalism, it also facilitates efficient performance by ensuring that round pegs are placed in round holes.

Network properly

Networking is important for newbies who are about to launch their carriers as freelancers. Whether you intend to do it physically by attending events, lectures, and symposiums or you choose to go the virtual route by facilitating connections with others on social media platforms, you must ensure that the process ends with you securing enough prospective clients that will help you build up your portfolio and improve your status. 

Networking is perhaps one of the easiest ways to find freelance jobs if you're still new in the field. You may, however, need to perform some of the assigned tasks at a lower rate or even free if you wish to grow your clientele list and rise-up the ladder.

Join a freelance platform

If you’re indeed serious about blossoming as a freelancer and having a sustainable career that will be able to fuel your lifestyle, then an important step you must not ignore is registering on a freelance website. Freelance websites provide the best avenue to meet prospective clients with millions of outsourcing transactions taking place daily. 

Platforms like Vulpith also have special packages for new freelancers who are signing up for a user accounts. These packages ensure that newbies can easily find and secure clients without any stress while also making use of the tools embedded on the platforms to maximize the quality of their output. 

If you want to have a successful career as a freelance expert, you must abide by these tips while also understanding the fact that only the level of your expertise really gives you a shot at becoming a renowned freelancer. 

Outsourcing, in reality, is limitless and only a decision based on preference classifies a task as unsuitable for the expertise of a freelancer. If you're determined and passionate about a project, you can outsource it while laying stringent terms on the table; the ideal expert is bound to agree to your terms and deliver the best outcome.       

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