May 23, 2018
Stress Management in Workplace
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While with the increasing technology, it has become easy to carry forward the work processes. While doing work with peace and satisfaction plays the key role in improving a business growth. What if this is not the way you have thought? What if you are tensed due to your work? What if you are under stress? That's a silly question to ask how would you feel when you are tensed due to your work and the work-process.

Imagine you are trying to plan your workday, finding files, working hard to complete the work and submit the project on time, it has become a daily routine of our life and which eventually leads to stress. Working under stress and in reverse environment is never going to help you with your work efficiency. To put your work efficiency in the proper place, one needs to learn how he can manage stress. Whether you are working on online sites or in a reputed company, stress is one such thing which needs to be handled effectively. Let's have a look at what are the reason behind stress and how can you manage stress. 
What are the reasons behind facing stress?
Stress, in simple terms, tension is a factor which disturbs entire mind setup and ultimately affects work progress. There are several reasons which might lead to stress. Few of the reasons behind suffering from stress in the workspace have been concluded as:

  • Unhappy With Your Job: This might be the case where you are not happy with the work profile. Working on the profile which does not interest you might lead to stress. 
  • Heavy Workload: Pressure is ok but Overpressure is never ever good to have. Enjoy the work while you are on job. But Don't make it look like its a heavy Workload. When you have the overload of work, it ultimately gets the person into stress. Don't take too much responsibility which can hinder your mental peace and happiness. 

  • Working for long Hours: Working with your wish for a long time is a different thing but doing it on a regular basis because the organization has asked you to do leads to stress and tension. Get your timetable ready and work accordingly. 

  • Unclear Expectations: Make sure that you are not doing each and everything asked by your boss. Sometimes, managers load a lot of work to you suddenly which might lead to the cause of stress. 

There are several more reasons due to which stress occurs to an individual. The major insights to focus on these reasons is to how you can get saved from taking stress when you are aware of what all could be the reason when you can get tensed
What are the Symptoms of having a Stress? 
In simple terms, you just need not a minute to think when you are suffering from stress. But, this is not the same for each and every individual. In generic teams, stress can be identified in physical and mental terms. While physical stress is related to changes in the body, mental stress is confined up to mind and the problem related to mind & thoughts.

PHYSICAL STRESS: Symptoms of physical stress include:  

  • Fatigue 
  • Muscular tension
  • Headaches 
  • Heart palpitation
  • Sleeping difficulties  '

MENTAL STRESS: Symptoms of mental stress includes:  
  • depression 
  • Personality disorder 
  • anxiety   
As said, little stress is good to have in order to work effectively. Work under a little pressure is perfect to have as it inspires you to do your work with proper efficiency. In right amount, stress helps you to prepare, focus and perform at your optimal level. On another hand, too much stress or bad stress can cause performance anxiety which hurts your health and does not allow you to relax, confident and focused on competition. Overload or pressure affects health very badly. It creates hindrance to the completion of work as well. With a sad and disturbed mindset, professional will not be able to work with his proper efficiency which eventually reduces the progress rate of a worker as well as of the organization.  

How you can manage and reduce the stress? 
While suffering from stress gives a tough time to individuals in order to live life in an established and happiest way. There are various ways which can help individuals in managing and reducing these stress. Few of them are: 

  • Keep a note for a week to identify which situations create the most stress and how to respond to such situations 
  •  Develop healthy response
  •  Establish boundaries 
  •  Take time to recharge yourself
  •  Talk to new people
  •  Learn how to relax.  
There are different ways which can help you in reducing your stress and help you in being fit mentally as well as physically. These are: 
  • Take a break: It's important to take a break from the job routine in order to keep the stress level in check. Take your own time to relax and refresh. Avoid continuous work, spare some time for yourself.
  • Exercise: Having a healthy body and mind will help you to handle stress in the workplace. weather you get up early and hit the treadmill or you wish to go for a walk after lunch, one should make physical exercise a part of their life. 

  • Be Happy: Smiling and laughing can relieve body tension and stress. Being happy is one of the top secrets which reduces stress with much ease. try to keep yourself happy with the changes taking place in your surroundings. 

  • Get social support: Social support reduces psychological distress and promotes adjustments that counteract high stress. Engage with more and more people on the personal basis as well as through social media channels.

  • Work as a freelancer: While you are under stress, you can simply opt for freelancing jobs. There are various jobs for freelancers nowadays where you can work on your own terms & conditions. Get relaxed, check freelance sites for beginners and start your career as a freelancer. Work part-time, full-time, earn money and enjoy your personal life without any stress. 
Wrap up: 
Taking a little stress is okay, but don't let it have a hand to hand fight with you. Try to manage it in the way you can. In a generic way, try to avoid it and if anyhow you are struggling to lead a happy professional and personal life due to stress, relax and reduce it using the ways discussed above. 

Have you ever faced stress or similar situation? How you handled your stress? Let us know about your experience on this and how you handled it. We would love it to hear from you.


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