Apr 16, 2018
Should You buy Social media Followers?
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Social Media has a vast impact on business in this digital world. In order to promote the brand and increase the visibility of your brand, you need to have a great audience who are going to visit your profile and to have a look at your business product. While some companies do hard work on gaining these trusted audiences, some simply go for paid followers i.e. they hire influencers(they have the capability to let the audience trust on them) as well as the audience who are quite active on various social media accounts.

While it might be considered as a cheating for the customers as the businesses buy followers while they are initially helpful for the startup businesses to kickstart. Let’s see the positive and negative impacts of buying social media followers.  

Pros of buying social media followers: 
Social media helps the businesses in getting them stable through the interactions they have on social media platforms. By having a strong social media followers you are going to have a strong visibility for your brand as well. These purchased followers will be the one who will be talking in the favor of your brand and product. A lot of people go for buying social media followers s it's a profitable thing to do. It helps people gain the credibility as lots of people start following them. And this can also help you out in converting your platform as a paid influencer.

The most important factor while buying social media followers is that you should not get carried away with them. People will trust the brand only when it's growing on the terms of naturality. Suppose a day before a brand has 500 followers and next day we come across that they have gained 50k followers, no one is going to believe on that. While gaining little followers at a specified time helps you in building your brand and managing the reputation. 

Cons of Social Media Followers: 
While buying social media followers at some circumstances could be profitable, it also has some negative aspects which cannot be denied. Like we already said that if you are carried away while buying followers, your authentic audience might not trust you anymore. You need to count down the number of followers you are going to buy. It should not excess and should maintain the decorum of a social media platform. Apart from that, when you are buying followers, you are taking a big risk on your business & brand’s reputation. If you fail in maintaining the reputation of your brand even after buying followers, you have completely lost the game and it will take you a lot more time to reposition your brand and business. 

Let us ask you few questions! Would be happy to know that the audience you were interacting with, on a particular social media platform, was fake or purchased one? What will you think if you come to know about the content you have gone through was coming from fake followers? We hope you are able to configure out the true fact behind social media followers. The decision is always of an individual. While you can simply work hard to gain authentic followers, you might go for purchasing them as well. But, as far as we would advise is to always go for authentic followers as they are never going to harm you and neither you have any risk while following them or if they follow you.

You can simply find social media marketers on freelance job sites where they will work for you to increase your audience through authentic methods. Hire freelancers and boost up your brand’s visibility. 

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