Nov 16, 2018
Reasons Businesses Need To Embrace The Freelancers
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Finding the right talent is increasingly becoming a challenge for businesses. And hiring that talent in the same city is even harder when companies want to compete with each other in recruiting the best talent. 

What makes the hiring process even more complicated is that skilled professionals are leaving their workforce to gain more flexibility in their working hours and salary. They prefer to work on the projects that they are proficient in and can deliver their best as it helps them in getting their work recognized, appreciated and valued. Freelancers are usually highly skilled experts in their fields and earn a lot more salary than they get paid traditionally as per market norms.


Although there are over 42 million freelancers in the US, the companies are not prepared to hire freelancers due to a closed mindset. Freelancing is still a side stream that companies want to utilize in the hour of need only. But if used correctly, the trending gig economy can help businesses in many ways.

Here we have mentioned the ways the businesses can benefit by hiring freelancers online. 
The option of trying out the freelancers before hiring them
By hiring freelancers, businesses can escape the obligations that they need to commit to with salaried workers. They don’t need to hire freelancers online like they do while hiring full-time employees. You can hire freelancers online to work with you for a particular period or until the project is completed. 

They can continue by extending the job offer if they are satisfied with the freelancer's work. So, you get a chance to check the work of freelancers before hiring them permanently for your organization.   

Businesses need to pay freelancers for the work, not for the hours
The permanent office staff shows up each day and completes a specific number of hours on the desk. Though they need to do the assigned work within a particular deadline, there are no hard and fast rules for them. So, companies pay them for the time they spent working in the office, not for the actual work they do. 

The case is just the opposite when businesses hire freelancers online. No doubt the remote workers also need to be available for the particular number of hours, but they get paid for accomplishing the goals rather than being paid only for the hours they completed.     

Businesses get a wide choice while hiring freelancers online
Unlike in the case of hiring office staff, companies are not restricted to find talented professionals locally when hiring freelancers online. They have a vast talent pool to choose from as they can hire freelancers online from any part of the world. They can try out freelancers by assigning them a project and then decide about their hiring them permanently by their performance.

Freelancers enable businesses to choose a higher level of expertise at an affordable price
Since you charge freelancers by the projects they work on or by hours, companies can afford great expertise as compared to the one they get by hiring salaried workers. They can hire highly-skilled professionals and get complex projects completed within the same or lower budget that they pay to the permanent office staff. They can compare the options and choose the one that meets their needs and fits their budget the best.

Businesses can save on office space and utilities
Freelancers often work from home, or you can say remotely. They utilize their own space and utilities for completing the task; regardless they need a laptop, an internet, a particular software or anything else. 

Thus, along with saving on the salary, firms can also save on the office space and utilities which otherwise they would need to provide to their office staff. Also, businesses don’t need to give the freelancers the benefits they provide to their regular staff. 

Businesses can put freelancers on hold when required
There will be situations when businesses are tight on the budget. In such a scenario, they can put the freelancers on hold without any issue. They can pause the project and resume when they are on track with their budget. 

Thus, they do not need to make tough decisions of terminating the employees just because of the budget. 

It also means that the businesses which are just starting or which cannot afford the full team due to their low budget can rely on freelancers for getting their work done. They can be hired for a single or multiple projects and on short or long-term depending on the requirements and especially on the budget.  
Hiring freelancers is faster than hiring permanent office staff 
When it comes to hiring an employee, the hiring process goes longer. Businesses need to go through many profiles, contact them, schedule interview, compare them by skills and salary, check their availability and finally wait until the selected employee resigns from his/her current job. The process takes 1-2 months typically. Thus, it is not feasible in case companies needs immediate joining. 

Here, freelancers provide more flexibility to the businesses as they can start work immediately after they pass the interview and get selected for the job. Also, the freelancers have the freedom of working for more than one clients at a time. So, locating and hiring a freelancer is much faster than hiring a permanent office employee.   

Training costs are almost zero with freelancers 
When businesses hire freelancers, they are ready for starting the project immediately knowing what the task requires. It means they have the skills necessary for a particular project. 

Freelancers apply for a job only when they have the skills to do it effectively because they know that they have to do all on their own. Thus, the businesses do not need to worry about training the freelancers for the particular job or for the basic rules of the company, which they need to do in case they hire full-time office staff. 

And even if the freelancer is not able to do the job or needs training, businesses have the option to hire another freelancer. This flexibility lets the companies save on the training costs.   

Businesses can contribute to the environment 
Hiring freelancers mean that there is no need for commuting from home to office and vice-versa. This step not only saves the time of the freelancers but also results in less consumption of fuel and less traffic on the roads. These factors further bring a reduction in environmental pollution and also, contribute to decreasing the number of accidents. 

Thus, by hiring freelancers online from top freelancing websites, the companies can contribute towards the betterment of the environment, which is crucial today. 

How to choose the right freelancer?
There is a range of different outsourcing platforms where the businesses can hire freelancers online. But with a massive pool of freelancers, it becomes hard for them to pick the right talent. 

In such a scenario, what businesses can do to assure that they are hiring the right talent is to go through the metrics and reviews of the freelancers that they are considering for the job. After a thorough analysis and comparison of their profiles, skills, and projects undertaken, they can easily find the best talent for their project. 

However, the process does not end there because there is no surety that a freelancer would do the job effectively. So, businesses can take a better decision and remain on the safe side by first assigning a smaller task to the freelancer that they think matches with the job requirements. Then, they can go further by assigning more significant projects if they are happy and satisfied with his work. Otherwise, they still have the choice of hiring a better one. 

Though the workforce is shifting towards freelancing, their efforts would not be much fruitful unless companies recognize their talent and embrace them. It is clear from this article that firms can get many benefits and improve their productivity without expanding their budget when they hire freelancers online from freelancing websites. The onus is on businesses only as they need to think about the gig economy and make a decision seriously. 

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