Jun 22, 2018
Is My Website according to the current trends?
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If you are a small business owner or a freelancer you will know how important it is to have the website updated. If you do not have an outdated website it is easy to update it to the current trend. But if you do not have the website URL of your own, it is hard for your clients to recognize your business or even they might wonder if your business really exists.

When you absolutely have no idea or have a very little idea about the designs, it is difficult for you to analyze, and get the right website according to the trends. But it is important to know if your website is updated according to the market trends or not.

The website requirement is different for different people. It depends on the business you are running. Because your website is the point of contact for your clients. For example, few websites need bank payments, such websites need security. But few websites just contain the information of their services so it’s not so important.

Now that you know the website need to be updated, you can analyze your website.   

Part 1
Review the look
The trend of the website changes as the trend of the clothes we wear. So if you have a website designed 5 0r 6 years ago, it looks outdated. It makes the customer feel your business is not current and gives the opportunity for your competitors.

 Few colors and fonts of the website used earlier are not used these days. Many features are added to the convenience of the users. When your website doesn’t have such modern features it is likely to reduce your customers. 

Review the technology
In addition to the look, the functionality of the website also makes the impact on the customers. These days’ mobile phones have made a substitution for almost all the electronic devices. The laptop is no exception. So the websites you create need to be mobile friendly. The websites must modify itself to the screen of the phone. The pictures on the website must be streamlined with the text. Images and the text should not appear as the solid blocks. The latest technology should be used to provide the required security to the website as well.

The previous section of the article tells the flaws in your website. After finding the weakness in your website you can alter it to update (your website will definitely not be so worst that you need to dump your code and start from scratch). So make few changes and your website is ready to attract your customers.

Know the power of images
Images are the first things that catch the eyes of the customers. If you don’t have good images you will not be able to design the website that looks modern. If the pixels of the image are of less resolution, increase the resolution of the image. Or you can ask the photographer to click a few shots of you or your products so that you can use those images in your website.

Smoothen the navigation
The customers earlier used to compromise on the speed at which the pages load and the confusions created due to multi-clicks. But these days these excuses are not accepted by the customers. So it is safe to keep the site simple and straightforward.

Though it is advisable to update the website once in 5 or 6 years, it is not good to change the website frequently. It portrays that your brand is not stable. You can add or remove few features so that you maintain some consistency. If you feel you need to restart your website from scratch for some reasons consider the templates available on the internet for reference. 

You can give your website a brand new look with lesser cost. It’s just the matter of your website’s status.  


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