Apr 03, 2018
How to Identify a Freelance Platform that You Can Trust with Your Money
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The freelance market has become an integral part of the corporate sector with more and more individuals and companies joining the moving train either as freelance experts or consulting clients. The number of corporate jobs that are outsourced is at an unprecedented high, which is mostly due to the numerous freelance platforms present on the internet. If you wish to outsource a job or task to a freelance expert, then it is essential to do so on a reliable platform that doesn’t only guarantee the completion of the work but also ensures the outcome meets your standards.

Why freelance platforms are important

The absence of freelance platforms would definitely have a catastrophic effect on outsourcing simply because the role they play is pivotal to the success of any outsourced job. 

A prospective client intending to hire services of a freelancer, working directly with a professional, away from the security and supervision attained on a freelance platform is basically a recipe for disaster. This is because you are at the mercy of the freelancer who cannot be compelled by an overseeing party to deliver the best results possible. 

With freelance platforms, however, you can be rest-assured that only competent experts will be matched with any of your posted tasks. Most of the platforms also have the tools to help you monitor the hired freelancer during the course of the project. 

The number of freelance websites offering a platform for the commercial exchange of expertise runs into hundreds and trying to choose one that will be ideal for you can be a headache. There are, however, specific steps and criteria you must take cognisance of before settling for a platform. Adhering to these tips described below will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a freelance website.

Ensure that the freelance platform has a “Terms of Use” page

Before signing up for an account on a freelance platform, it is important that you thoroughly go through the site’s “Terms of Use” page. Not only does the information within the page enlighten you about the processes involved in outsourcing on the platform, but it also puts your mind at ease with regards to the authenticity of the platform’s service.

A major red flag you must look out for when searching for an ideal freelance website is a non-existent “Terms of Use” page or one with texts that are vague and incomprehensible. An Ideal “Terms of Use” page like that of the freelance platform, Vulpith, should include important information including Registration Terms, Account Information, Fees and Charges, Payment Terms and Methods, and of course, Terms of Engagement between the client and freelancer.

Ensure that the site at least looks secured

The security of a website is an important factor you must put into consideration before performing any task that will require the divulgence of private information. This is even more accurate when you plan to outsource a job on a freelance platform because you’re more than likely to be required to share specific financial details before a transaction can be completed.

It is, thus, key for you to ascertain the security status of a chosen freelance website before commencing any dealings on the platform. While it is nearly impossible to be able to vouch for the efficacy of a site’s safety measures, there are essential features and functions that are looked out for before agreeing to trust the website with your information. Essential tools like an SSL certificate and the more common “hiding function” for passwords are enough to give users the confidence they need to proceed with their respective transactions. 

Profiles of the freelancers must be readily available

The process of hiring a freelancer for a project can indeed be quite challenging mainly if it’s your first foray into a freelance platform. Assessing and vetting prospective freelancers are essential steps that you must take if you’re to find the ideal candidate for your project. It can, however, be impossible to complete them if the freelance platform doesn’t have the tools in place to allow you to search for freelancers and adequately vet them before outsourcing the job.

An ideal freelance platform should be able to display the profile of all the freelancers whose expertise align with the job you intend to assign. The information that must be contained in a typical freelancer’s profile includes personal details like name and address, a dossier that includes skill-sets and portfolio, ratings and reviews of the freelancer’s past jobs, and lastly, a bio/cover letter content that functions as a sales copy.

Access to all this information ensures that your chance of hiring a competent expert is improved significantly compared to a circumstance where you aren’t privileged to the much-important information.

An effective communication medium between yourself and a freelancer

Due to the logistic elements peculiar to outsourcing, it is essential that the physical and reasoning gap between a client and a freelancer is bridged to guarantee a positive outcome. The only practical way the vacuum can be filled is through effective communication between the parties involved in the outsourcing transaction. This communication between a client and service provider must be maintained all through the duration of the assigned task and mustn’t be severed until the client takes delivery of the completed documents or file and approves of its quality. 

It is essential for the freelance platform you intend using to have a communication system within the pages of the site. Any site that fails in this regard either by not providing an adequate communication mechanism or by sanctioning the use of communication platforms outside the website should not be considered.


As a client utilizing a freelance platform for the purpose of engaging the services of an expert, you deserve a virtual environment that will make the outsourcing transaction go on without any hitch, and any freelance platform that is utterly unable to provide this should be abandoned without second thoughts. 


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