Jan 31, 2018
How to get more clients and build a strong business at Vulpith?
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There are things that you might do in the name of looking for new clients, of which can drastically reduce your chances. Here are some of the important factors that you should avoid at all costs: 

  • On your job profile, do not be verbose but be objective 
  • Do not try to fake your qualifications and/or experiences. Should be able to provide references if necessary 
  • Use your real name, actual photo as clients would like to know exactly whom they are dealing with. You can hide your details from public if you want 
  • Do not submit general proposals for projects while pitching, but personalize them so that client have the much-needed effect like how you would provide the leap value if hiring you 
  • Be formal in your communication 
  • Respect agreed timelines, whether it is for quick discussions or for deliverables 
  • Be friendly with those you are trying to connect with, and do not be pushy in any way 
  • Be honest & transparent 
  • Do not over commit or under deliver 
Remember, getting clients in wrong manner will harm you in a long run.

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