May 04, 2018
How to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews on Google
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Having a business is great, but what if your customers or the generic users are getting fake reviews about your services or products. Nowadays, with increasing competition, entrepreneurs and businesses are facing lots of problems be it financial, or be it brand related. Every business seeks to have their brand name high. And, in that case, if someone (be it a person or a business) tries to ruin the reputation of your company with the help of fake reviews, this is the worst thing which can happen for your business.

Fake reviews are a growing problem for most of the businesses. Nowadays, creating accounts and posting reviews is not a wonder. Anyone can create an account and post reviews either positive or negative.  
But still, these policies are not able to cope up with the way users are misusing Google by putting fake reviews. The happiest thing which comes after all this is if you’re capable to track them and are able to find out why the reviews are against the guidelines, you can get them removed by contacting Google on Twitter, Facebook, or reporting via the forum. 

Challenges Companies are facing due to negative reviews: 
There are several challenges you may face while negative reviews have been fixed up for your business. Simply by saying that the user which commented negative reviews for your business is not your customer, Google is never going to remove those users. They don’t find it an acceptable reason to remove the comments. In most of the cases, it is really difficult to trace the identity of any user online.

While this is not a compulsory phenomenon that the user who is leaving the review for your business or products need not to be your customer. They just need to have customer experience which may comprise of the fact that the user has contacted you by call or visited you. So, tracing these customers become difficult for business professionals.   

Apart from that, companies are under slight risk with these negative reviews. Generally, a viewer, user or you can say audience, would love to have a look at your products and services based on the reviews. While positive reviews will help them have trust in your products and services, negative reviews can ruin your brand reputation.  
How You Can respond on These Fake Reviews?
Being a businessman, you would love to see yourself at the height of success. What if, in spite of the hard work of you and your team, due to some fake reviews, you are getting bad influence on your businesses. Would you be happy with these changes? Of Course NO! While you are getting negative reviews that too fake, this is only going to ruin your company’s reputation. So, what step would you take? Taking any action being angry is not the solution because whatever you will do it will be visible online to everyone and this may further create the problem for you. Have a cool thought and take actions after thinking properly about how to handle the situation.  

Solution: Share your problems rather than hiding it.
Rather than hiding this matter from your audience, share them. Sharing not only aware other people that it might happen with them but also you will be able to cope up with your loss as you will get the positive response from your sincere audiences for your online working sites. 

There are several ways you can share your views on these spammy fake reviews. Post it on social media such as Twitter where people really do care about what’s wrong and right is happening in the business world. Rather than fighting via comments to those fake users or saying something to them,, it's better to take the screenshot and share them on your social media accounts.  
Want to remove fake negative reviews? 
 Removing fake reviews from Google tests the tough time for business professionals. Generally, Google refuses to remove them but anyhow if you have a proper strategy where you can simply have polite and great interaction with these fake peoples reviews, Google will help in removing them.

Have you gone through these fake reviews? How you handled the situation? Write to us about it as we would love to hear your experiences in handling these situations.   
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