Apr 26, 2018
General Mistakes Freelancers Make while Writing Cover Letter.
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A cover letter is a most important and often very first thing which a client sees while going through your proposals. While writing, generally freelancers make silly & irritating mistakes which can annoy clients to the core. These mistakes are preferably going to be grammatical one or spelling mistakes. How the clients will react if he is getting writing errors in your cover letter? It’s always a good practice to check and double check your cover letter before handing it over to your client. Today’s insights are based on these mistakes which a freelancer should always avoid if he wants to find freelance work. 

 1. Write Recipient's Name Properly: 
Many times, freelancers write a wrong name or they start the name from small letters which might leave the clients furious over the way you are writing your cover letter.The best practice is to greet the recipient with a formal attitude such as Hi Amir or Dear Amir. Make sure Names are correct and have been written with a proper greeting. 

2. Improper Capitalization: 
Sometimes while writing, freelancers don’t care much about the way they are writing their cover letter.For example, rather than writing like: “i Am reaDing a book”, you need to write with appropriate Capitalization such as “I am reading a book”. This is just one sentence and you will be getting irritated. Think what if you are writing complete cover letter and proposal in this way. This will simply irritate the client and even before seeing your skills and experience they will reject your proposal at first glance. 

3. Precise the Sentence:  
Don’t run over the sentences. Keep the sentences precise and meaningful. Don’t create long sentences as they are not good to read enough. Make your sentences small. And review your texts after finishing to check out the missing portions. If you have written long sentences, break them into parts as it makes the user read the article with ease. Apart from ease, it gives the user clarity about the text. 

4. Mistakes in using proper Pronoun: 
 People generally do mistakes while using pronouns. Pronouns are the words or context used in place of a noun.For example, People generally confuse while placing pronouns such as I, Me and Mine. While writing a cover letter you need to have a clear understanding of what pronoun you need to use and where to use. Mashing up everything will leave the reader clueless. Similarly, people generally get confused about where to use then and than. In writing, it looks similar but the meaning is really very different. While then is used in the context of time, Than is used for comparing between two things. For example, let's take an example where we will misplace than by then. 

“ Shyama is more beautiful then Rama” ----> Wrong use of than. 
“Shyama is more beautiful than Rama: ---------> Correct use of than.
 “Then he went to pick up the pen” -----------> Correct use of then.
 “Than he went to pick up the pen” -----------> Wrong use of then

From the above examples, it's very clear how to use then and than. Similarly, few people have confusion over him/her or his/ him and so on. Best thing is to understand properly where to use the pronoun and how to use. 
5. Format Your Cover letter: 
 Articles of cover letters should be formatted properly. It should have clarity and is easy to read. Formatting refers that paragraphs should be well bound and it should show your creativity. Putting one paragraph from the middle of the page and next from starting is not a good thing to do. It should be aligned and managed properly. While you are applying for freelance jobs, write a cover letter with the proper format. 

6. Never use Emojis and Exclamation Mark: 
Even Though, if you have a great feeling of getting your freelance jobs online, don't show the same to your client. Emojis are unprofessional to use in a cover letter. You don’t need to use emojis at the first glance. You might use if the client has used any emojis while chatting with you. But in the cover letter, you need not do so. The basic and priority are that you should leave a professional good impression on your client but by using emoji, you will be showing your friendly or childish behaviour as per the assumption of the client. Similarly, you need not show you happiness to the client by putting any sorts of the exclamation mark in your cover letter. Putting exclamation mark let the clients think that you are overeager to work.  

While writing a cover letter, you need to take care of these silly mistakes which can let down your proposal and you can also miss the opportunity to work with great clients. By focusing on your grammar and improving your grammar, you might be able to impress your clients with the way you are writing. Although other skills are required, a cover letter is the first thing you will put forward to a client. Find your freelance jobs online and kick-start your career.

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