May 16, 2018
Freelancer: How to get a web design clients
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Finding clients being a freelancer is not an easy task. A freelancer might face a hard time while he is looking out to get some freelance jobs online. Getting a client in smoothe way is what a freelancer wants but this is not the case most of the times. Getting clients that too when you are a web designer, it becomes more difficult for you to get hired through them. For experience holder, it is quite easy to get the client. But for those who have just signed up with freelancing sites and are a beginner, it becomes tough to get the clients. 

There are various ways through which a beginner web design freelancer can gain clients. Just like freelancers, clients are also looking out for best freelance web designers. When these criteria meet up the clients and freelancers are there to fulfill their business promises. 
Networking is one of the appropriate ways to move forward in terms of finding clients. Freelancers can either go for local networking or online networking or BOTH!. 

Local Networking: Local networking refers to networking within some groups or through friends, companies, referrals etc. This is the initial step which a beginner can take where he can circulate message regarding getting projects based on his skills. Apart from that, he can simply find out some names using search engines or websites and can contact them either directly or through referrals. Attend seminars and put up your proposals to the business people. Beginner freelancers can also execute this process at several places such as by having a mere discussion with some business person over a meeting. They can also meet business people through few websites where business meetings are organized.  

Online Networking: Online networking is a strong environment where you can showcase your work profile and skills to various clients based on the platform you want to go with. Social networking platforms are beneficial when you have a thought of getting a web design client. LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups are of great use as there you can find clients with ease. Apart from that online working sites or job sites are also useful to track few clients for web design projects.  
You can also put ads to get work or to get good clients. Getting freelance jobs online through advertising is not a bad idea. To push up your career, this is the best way to be gain attention from the clients. Advertising can be done in two ways: traditional or local and online advertising. 

Local Advertising: Get your skills and about yourself published in local magazines and newspaper is one such idea(Although now no one does it for web designing). Place your business cards at several places.  

Online Advertising: Placing your ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be costly but when done by targeting audience effectively for the ads, it will generate you more and more leads(in the form of web design clients).  
Cold Emailing and Calling
Cold Emailing and Calling: Web designers with slight knowledge of sales and its fundamentals can easily go with emailing where they can describe their services along with their contact details. Apart from that, they can simply call them and get the clients. Even emailing, if done effectively would give great results in terms of web design clients.  

So, these are few methods which can lead a beginner web design freelancer to get more clients. Let us know about some other ways as well as we would be delighted to hear from you.  


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