Apr 24, 2018
Essential Tools a Freelance Writer Can't-Do Without
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Writing is undoubtedly the most prominent skill in the highly-commercialized freelance market. A skill that can be applied at any location, it accounts for a substantial number of tasks and projects assigned on freelance platforms.


Among the features that make freelance writing tasks easy to outsource is the lack of need for elaborate discussions between the client and the freelancer, the availability of resource materials that can be readily accessed via the internet with a few taps on the keyboard, and more importantly, the near-endless list of writing tools that help optimize the quality of the freelancer’s written pieces. 

If you’ve chosen to follow the freelance route to maximize both your writing potential as well as your income, then there are certain tools you simply cannot do without. These tools range from basic software platforms that are pivotal to the writing process to some advanced programs that help trim the rough edges in a written piece and fine-tune the voice of the content. 

As a freelance writer, it is vital that you have all these tools setup on your writing device because the absence of their influence in your work can be highly-detrimental to your goal of nurturing a successful freelance writing career. 

A Word Processor

This is the principal tool for freelance writing without which a written content simply can’t be created. A word processor is a software that helps facilitate the writing process by providing a platform on which multiple texts can be input, edited, and accurately tailored to create an engaging and compelling content. 

A widely-known word processor used by freelance writers across the globe is Microsoft Word, though other popular processors also exist like Google Docs, Zen Writer, and ByWord, which is precisely for Mac users. 

An AI Typing Tutor

If you’re a newbie writer who has chosen the path of freelance writing but still have a typing skill that is akin to that of a three-toed sloth, then it is crucial that you try to improve your typing skill if you're to have a slight semblance of a successful freelance career. 

An AI typing tutor provides you with the best chance of overcoming your typing flaws as its masterfully programmed interface consistently bombards you with writing drills that are guaranteed to nurture your writing skills until you become as proficient as an average freelance writer. 

One of the most common typing tutors is the Marvis Beacon tool, which is highly recommended by renowned writers and typing experts.

A Stop Watch

It is effortless to be immersed in a writing task and completely forget about other duties that need to be completed. With a standard stopwatch installed on your system though, you are guaranteed completion of assigned tasks and effective implementation of work schedules. There are multiple variations of stop-watches available at your disposal should you see the need for one and they all have unique functions that help optimize your performance.

A Grammar Corrector

It doesn’t matter whether you have an impressive command of the English language or are able to mince poetic words together like an artist on a canvass; if you intend to have a sustainable freelance writing career, then a grammar correcting tool is a must-have. This is because freelance writing can become quite intense and overwhelming when an endless flow of tasks keeps coming in. To avoid silly grammatical errors that could dent your credibility as a competent writer, it is wise that you subscribe to any of the free grammar editors available on the internet. 

Tools like Grammarly, Grammar Check, and WhiteSmoke make certain that the final version of your work is as professional as it can be and completely void of silly errors. A freelance writer's mind isn't at rest when the task is delivered to the client but when the writer can proudly beat his or her chest and vouch for the quality of the written work.

A Dictionary and a Thesaurus

These aren't just importance tools for freelance writers, they are essential necessities a writer must have close-by daily if he or she is to be proficient in the freelance writing field. Not only do the tools help improve your understanding of a word, they are essential if you want to upgrade your vocabulary even further. 

With both these tools available as free apps, there isn’t really any excuse for a serious-minded writer not to have one.

A Plagiarism Detecting Tool

One of the biggest challenges facing the freelance writing field is the notoriety of stealing original content and reproducing it as genuine. Also known as plagiarism, the ugly phenomenon that is spread-out across the creative industry also has its roots firmly lodged in the freelance market as well. 

Even though you may have genuinely written a content, it is possible for some of the constituting texts to be identical to similar content already on the internet. Therefore, a plagiarism checker comes in very handy when you're writing content for a client because it ensures that your piece is 100% genuine. 

Perhaps the most popular plagiarism checker in use today is Copyscape, which works by analyzing your copy and comparing it with content already posted on the internet. This application is certainly a must-have if you must succeed in your trade as a freelance writer.

A Keyword Finder

From time to time, you may be assigned writing tasks that require of you to incorporate SEO strategies to make the content optimized for search engines. It is, thus, key that you have a keyword finder nearby to execute these tasks without any stress. If you wish to specialize in SEO writing or just want to be proficient enough to handle specific tasks, then a keyword finder is a tool that certainly comes in handy. 


It is noteworthy that regardless of the importance of these tools, your prowess remains the critical factor that determines if your venture into the freelance market will yield any positive outcome; hence, you must never cease to strive for excellence when practicing your craft.  

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