Mar 26, 2018
Cover Letter: Tips to grab a freelancing project
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You’re a skilled freelancer. You’re at the top of your work-life, and you know that you have the potential to do a great job for any sort of the client. But the fact is that clients neither know you nor your potential. They have no idea about the caliber of your work and, in fact, your proposal is just one of many proposals they’ve been receiving for their projects. 

If you wish that your proposal should grab their attention, stand alone in the race, and get the contract, the best way to optimize your proposals and getting the project in your hand is to write the perfect cover letter. Vulpith -one of the best freelance platforms is going to help you in writing a cover letter which helps you in getting freelance jobs online.

Cover Letter: The First Impression should be the best!
As you must have heard " The First Impression is the last impression". So when you think to get your proposal accepted and you are the one who is grabbing the projects from clients, you must have a cover letter where it gives the best impression of yours to the clients. This will automatically benefit you in the best way it can. Make sure you are impressive in your cover letter with the innovative points you are putting relevant to your technical & other skills.

With dedication and effort, we can really write one such cover letter which is performance base attracting and impressive. But to wrote that there are several facts which you simply can not ignore and you need to find out all the potential things which you possess and which will benefit you in getting the proposals approved by the clients. But making an impressive cover letter is not going to be an easy task. You need to work on it hard as if you are not perfect in creating an impressive cover letter, it may lead you to be in a situation where you will be not getting any kind of proposals approved.
What makes a good cover letter?
A good cover letter should contain all the points which a client would be possibly looking for. Don't write like a newcomer or in an unprofessional way. Put yourself in the client's shoe and check out what they must be looking for you in the cover letter. Means how should you describe yourself so that they are convinced about you being the perfect choice for their #project.

1. Tailor your letter to the project description
1. Tailor your letter to the project description

When you have a thought to write a cover letter make sure that you are involving all sorts of experiences you have and make it in a way that you don't have to change it each and every time. Because you are not simply going to send one proposal. you will be sending so many and for each of the proposal, you cannot write the specific cover letter. So, make it simple and reusable. The basic steps you can take includes:
  • Show your skills and experiences to the project’s unique requirements. 
  • Share examples of similar projects & recent projects you’ve worked on in the past.
  • Reference any type of research you’ve done earlier into the client’s background and your understanding of their needs. 
  • Share some personal likes & dislikes which seems relevant to your job profile. Being a graphic designer, he may ask you about your favorite color and so on.

2. Present yourself as a unique identity
As you customize your cover letter, keep the following two objectives in mind:

  • Focus on why you’re the best fit for the project. 
  • Highlight the specific advantages a client will get from the project after partnering with you.

Few freelancers also emphasize the fact that how that project is going to benefit them in the terms of their personal needs. But rather than to focus on your personal benefits, tell them about the benefit you can give provide to them. For example, if you say that I am flexible to work at any time and he will be getting his project updated in the time he will be taking nap. This will make them think that you are dedicated passionate and would be convinced that you will be the best choice to deliver this project.
Checklists for your cover letter
Once you have finished writing your cover letter, make sure to go through the checklist and decide if all of these points have been covered in your cover letter or not. If yes, that's really great. If not, no worries, the checklist is here only. you can update it now!

  • Is there any spelling or grammatical mistakes I have made?
  • Did I leave any sentences or sections incomplete? 
  • Did I spell the company’ or project's name correctly? 
  • Have I used the correct salutation?
  • Did I answer all the questions which were requested by the project description? 
  • Did I mention the skills or experiences they’re looking for?
  • Have I formatted my cover letter so that it becomes easy to read?Have I included supporting documents asked by the client? If so, have I included all required documents in the appropriate format?
Try to make a cover letter and make it in such way that you are able to figure out what is best for you and what can achieve you in bagging a project with the help of your unique cover letter and proposals. Got another tip on writing a great cover letter? Leave it in the comments below.  


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