Apr 04, 2018
Corporate Tasks and Duties that are Ideal for Freelancing and Outsourcing
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With the corporate climate being more receptive to the idea of outsourcing specific jobs and duties to freelance experts, many freelancers are benefitting by consistently receiving projects and tasks, assigned by expectant clients looking to maximize the benefits to be derived from the impressive productivity of the outsourcing market.

The global outsourcing market size continues to be on an upward trajectory with the market reaching a valuation of $88.9 billion in 2017. This is indeed a considerable figure, considering that only some portion of corporate tasks is indeed being outsourced to remotely-located professionals.

These jobs prominently feature in lots of freelance websites and online job boards and require little to no face-time from the parties involved in the outsourcing transaction. It should also be noted that most of these tasks are executable just because the tools that are used to execute them can be easily found on the internet.

Another critical point that needs to be noted is that outsourcing isn’t really limited to a few corporate tasks, and in fact, a business can be successfully run with most of its primary functions being outsourced to external personnel. These few tasks, however, briefly discussed here are the most comfortable jobs to be outsourced to freelance experts located anywhere in the world.

Customer Support

It is not unusual for a service-providing establishment based in a US city to have its customer support-department outsourced to a firm located in Kolkata, India. This has become a general strategy used by renowned corporate-entities to cut their expenditure as well as increase their revenue. 

Since customer service rarely requires face to face interaction between staff and the complaining client, it is one of the jobs that can be performed efficiently regardless of the staff’s location. 

There are specific industries, however, were setting up the customer support unit in a different country is simply impractical, most especially if the business is localized to cater to a select region only. 


Writing, be it technical or commercial, is perhaps the most outsourced task on the internet. As text files can be shared effortlessly across various internet platforms, the outsourcing of writing tasks has become the first option for many businesses and corporations that need something written. 

Whether it’s a white paper, a website copy, a sales copy, a blog post, an e-book, or a simple article, a competent freelance writer is highly capable of producing superior quality content that certainly matches the expectation of the client. 

The amazing success registered in the freelance writing field, however, comes with a few sacrifices in the mainstream writing market with a lot of traditional newspapers and magazines slashing the numbers of their in-house personnel to focus on a cheaper yet effective freelance option.

Internet Technology and Web Designing/Web Programming

The IT department is a significant part of any functioning corporation, and its role is entirely relevant to the performance of a company and its overall growth. Even with the importance of this section to the success of a corporation's general operations, it remains one of the easiest jobs to outsource. 

It has become a norm for big companies to leave IT solutions in the hands of an IT-focused consulting firm, which helps save a massive amount of money that would have been used for the installation of infrastructure and hiring of personnel. 

IT-focused tasks like web design and web development are also important aspects of a business’ operation that can be competently performed by a freelance expert without any negativegap…result-wise.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is a core element of an established operation as, without it, the existence of a product or service delivered by the business cannot be conveyed to the final consumer. With digital marketing now accounting for over 50% of a typical marketing strategy, it has become the most relevant tool to be applied in a marketing campaign. 

Digital marketing duties can be easily outsourced to professionals who have the expertise needed to successfully market a product or service on a variety of digital platforms. Since the internet is the primary tool required to efficiently execute a digital marketing campaign, an expert in this area can quickly complete any assigned task from the comfort of his or her home.

Graphic Design

There is always a need for a graphic-design expert in a corporate establishment whether or not the company’s main focus teeters toward that direction. Having an in-house graphic designer either for the design of a brand logo or the crafting of a marketing sketch is simply a waste of corporate resources especially with the vast number of freelance graphic designers that are available on freelance platforms like Vulpith

While briefing a freelance graphic design expert requires more lucid descriptions than most other outsourced corporate tasks, the task leaves extra room for the application of intuitive creativity since the freelancer is given a little leeway on the limit of his or her creative input.

Data Entry 

This is another essential duty that can be outsourced to experts that are remotely located. It is simply more cost-effective to hire a team of freelancers whose expertise include basic and complex data entry than to maintain a group of in-house personnel responsible for carrying out the function. 

Ground-breaking developments in internet technology have made it possible for data entry sub-tasks like indexing, cataloging, and processing to be completed without any hindrance whatsoever. 

The only circumstance when outsourcing data entry may not be the brightest of ideas is when the company involved, deals with sensitive information like credit card details. 

There are also other less-apparent corporate jobs that can be outsourced, though most of the time, these are usually handled as secondary tasks. 

Social Media Admin 

This involves the management of a business or company’s social media account. It isn’t uncommon for it to be assigned to a freelance expert though many consider that over-the-top prefer combining it with other tasks for an in-house employee. 

Sales and Marketing 

While it is rare for this to be outsourced to an expert, it is not out of the question especially if the company's primary operations are carried out on the internet. 

Business Analysis 

A few freelance platforms like Vulpithhelp clients in need of business analysis to find competent experts who can handle the task efficiently and draft professional-quality documents before the stipulated deadline. 

Game Development 

With the high cost of setting up a gaming company, the most natural and most efficient solution to the constraint is outsourcing the development task to a competent freelancer. 


Outsourcing has become a widely known corporate strategy, and its application in a variety of sectors including service delivery, technology, and even manufacturing means that it is a practice that is here to stay. As technological innovations, particularly in the digital scope, continues to brew, an increase in the number of jobs serviceable from a remote location becomes inevitable; for now, though, freelance experts will have to make do with these few lucrative opportunities. 

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