Apr 27, 2018
Client Perspective - Why Vulpith is the best choice for outsourcing when compared with the current freelance platforms?
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One of the main reasons that Vulpith is the most preferred destination for Outsourcing & Freelancing is it has its unique features when compared with the other freelance platforms.


Professional freelancers

As there are carefully-vetted freelancers available for offering services like Digital marketing, Content writing, Web development, Mobile app development, Sales, and Marketing and many more. Therefore, you can be sure that on every single project you will meet a talented professional who would do complete justice to your project. The freelancers at Vulpith own innumerable skill-sets which qualifies them to be the best in the industry. We are proud of them as they work seamlessly with passion towards completing each project. Hassle-free cooperation, high-quality work and meeting deadlines, make them distinct from freelancers on other platforms. Vulpith management has explored many freelance websites and has never got an expected result due to lack of domain/industry filter. This resulted in the low quality of the work they were getting from the freelancers from other platforms. So, we have made efforts to add new features and operational improvements in Vulpith to cater to the current and future needs of freelancing industry.

Stress-free working style

Once you are willing to work on our platform, we want you to be completely relaxed. We have provisions for almost all possible issues which may arise in a virtual working environment. We are confident about our platform as it is a result of research and analysis of different freelance platforms available online. We have worked on each negative feedback that a client or a freelancer had ever logged related to any freelancing sites available. Mostly clients complain about the quality of the work, hence, we curate the freelancers about their claims and profiles, and we also have an integrated cloud workspace which you have not seen in any other freelance websites to protect your confidential projects and data. Besides, we have the best project management tools and a neatly planned system to cope up with your requirements.

Flexibility in awarding a project

For a single project, you can hire multiple freelancers and allocate pieces of work to different freelancers. For example, if you want 20 articles to be written, then mention the number of freelancers you want to hire. You can change this number at any point of time i.e. even after the project gets awarded. We believe in being totally flexible for your convenience.

Emergence of distinct ideas 

We have created a better place for people who are interested in hiring different professionals online instead of dealing with a single person for a longer period. This helps in getting all sorts of different ideas coming from different freelancers. Hence, there is always scope for something unique and fresh.

Providing value to your projects 

We believe in providing total value to your projects, the most essential thing freelancing sites have been missing out all these years. We are proud that we have not left this part unnoticed while building our platform. Giving value to the projects is an additional service which is essential and yet free of cost when you work through Vulpith. We consistently remind, educate, and emphasize on freelancers to provide value in delivery and we reward the best performers as well. Successfully completing the given project and delivering it on time is one way we provide value in Vulpith. However, we educate the freelancers that quality and value are two different things and they are supposed to deliver both on time. We educate them about the value by explaining them the importance of understanding the clients’ need and goal by asking right questions and suggesting changes. Finally, they should deliver the work so that the client can accomplish his/her goals.

Flexible communication

Communication plays a significant role while working in a virtual set up as you are not having a one-to-one conversation with the freelancer. As a client, it may take a lot of time for you to trust someone who is not familiar with you. Entrusting your project to an entirely unknown person may feel a bit daunting in the beginning. We clearly understand your situation and hence we have built a well-equipped website where you can chat with the freelancer without any interruptions. Being in regular touch with the freelancer until the end of the project will help enhance the quality of the final result. You can always ask them to make modifications and changes according to the guidelines of the project with constructive feedback at every level. Communicating on a regular basis will avoid confusions and saves your valuable time. Miscommunication is one of the main reasons for project failure, and sometime lack of agile process (getting intermittent work product and providing feedback for improvements) can also affect the project. You should make sure you stress on both aspects to get the desired result. Apart from these, one of the top reasons for project failure is, unclear or underestimated project requirements. Please ensure your requirements are clear, as well-defined scope and deliverables will lead to a successful project. Vulpith has provisions for all these things similar that of a corporate environment. 

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