Apr 23, 2018
A Freelancer’s To-do list: To Keep In Mind
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24 hours a day is just not enough for a freelancer to do the task for a day. Specially when you have many things on your to-do list, you feel stressed out. But that’s not necessary. There are a few ways you can reduce your stress. You just need to know the right and the wrong way on your to-do list. You first need to realise what all task you can do per day. And then you need to stop including all the stuff you get in your mind. Select few tasks which are important, prioritise your task and then schedule your day’s task. 

Here are few tips for you to create an effective and a to-do list which you really can do in a day to start your freelance jobs online 
1.  Learn to say ‘NO’ 
Yeah! It’s understood that you can’t say NO sometimes. But you need to say NO based on your schedule. When you have your tasks piled up it's not wise to accept others request to take over their job. When you do so, you will have a tough time and definitely, you are going to end up stressed and ultimately, you will not be able to complete your job. This might, in turn, affect your job. But that doesn’t mean you should always tell a NO. You can look at your tasks and if your task for the day is less you can help others.  Say NO  in case you are having a lot of work. You can simply say NO when you don't think that the freelance jobs offered to you are not matching your skills. Even, you can say NO to the clients if they have complicated conditions or less payment option.

2. Being realistic helps you reduce the stress 
You don’t need to add anything and everything that comes to your mind on your to-do list. You need to be realistic enough to think and question yourself if you can finish all the tasks added to your to-do list. You can prioritise your work and then make the schedule. Check which task is crucial, finish that first. Then check which task can be done tomorrow and you can add that to the next day’s task. By doing this you can reduce your stress and this can give you a feeling of success. 

Prioritise your work and strategize the same. Implement your work strategy and work as a professional. Don't let anybody make you work for more than the time allocated to you. If work can be done in a day, finish it, otherwise, you can allocate that work for another day.
3. Importance should be given to quality, not quantity
To-do lists are effective ways to keep track of what things are done, and what is remaining. So it’s important that you include only tasks needed and don’t dump with all the tasks you think in the mind. It’s a nice feeling to see a long list of things done in a day, it’s even satisfying that you have completed many tasks. But when you come to know that the tasks you did earlier need to be done again due to the quality of the work, you will be doubling your work. So it’s very much important for you to concentrate on quality and not the quantity.  

Focus on the strategy and quality of the work. make sure the work you have finished is commendable and you need to make an extra effort in redoing the same work. Taking out numerous works in a day is great but it should be quality based. Quality refers it should be perfect as per the choice and demand of client. You need to work according to client i.e. what tehy want and how they want it to come out.
4. To-do list to be done a night before 
You can always prefer preparing the to-do list the previous night. This will make you clear with the tasks to do. When you get up the next morning you will have your list ready and you can start with the first task. This will not waste your time on planning for the day and you can spend your quality and the fresh time (Morning) productively.  

Summarise your work what needs to be done tomorrow and in which order it needs to be done. However, changes can be made on the next day while working if you feel something wrong about the priority.  This step not only saves your time but also enable you to understand what work process you are going to follow in coming day.                                         
5. Multitasking is not a recommended habit.
Research says that multitasking can make a person less productive. When you are doing multiple things simultaneously, you need to switch your mind from one task to other. This can reduce the concentration on your main task. And when you do many things you will not be able to finish any task completely. This increase the stress that you have not completed any task on the to-do list. Instead, if you do one task at a time, you can finish tasks one by one, and you feel satisfied with working for a long time, unlike the previous way. 

Getting one work done at a time brings more of the productivity based on your concentration. When you think to go for multitasking, you are distracted from your focus, you are never going to concentrate on one task. you would think I should finish this as well as this but ultimately due to diversions, you will face the failure in the completion of the tasks.   

When you prepare your to-do list you need to be careful that you don’t select all the things you think of and be realistic when selecting the tasks. Your priority should always be quality over quantity to be a productive freelancer. Make sure you have the perfect strategy to start up and finish off your work within given timeline. Doing online freelancer work comes up with lots of ups and downs. you need to be concentrated on the task. Take up the task which you can finish and don't go for each and every work you are being offered. Taking a task and doing it is in your hand and the decision is always yours on how to manage the work process.

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