Apr 30, 2018
8 Video Metrics Your Client Actually Cares About
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Graphic design has been an important part while business people plan for their marketing and branding strategy. Creating images and videos to utilize them to cope up with the marketing goals have been an important aspect from starting. In this, digital era, thought the process has changed and changed are the perspective of business clients when they want a video from their graphic designer. Few major goals are there which needs to be fulfilled while you tend to create a video being a freelance graphic designer. 

Simply creating a video is not justified. That video should be able to engage with the audience and should be able to bring back few quality leads as well. So, let's check out what all metrics does a client wants when he asks you to create a video. 
 1. Watch Time: 
 Watch time is the total amount of time viewer has spent on your videos. It signifies for how much time the viewers engage with your video. To have a great watch time, a video should be created in such a way that it speaks to the audiences. It should have a compelling storyline, great mixture of colors, good text size and the perfect combination of all of them. 

2. Click -Through Rates (CTR):
Click through rate defines the action taken by the viewer while he is watching your video. Based on the actions taken by viewers, you can determine what Call to action you should have on your videos and you can also decide where to place your call to action button in the videos.You can also make your video more engaging so the viewers will watch it up to the end and hence will go through CTA buttons at the end of the video.  

3. Subscribers:
While posting your videos on youtube, one of the most curious things is to generate more and more subscribers based on the quality of your video. Subscribers are the most important for your youtube channels as youtube will be sending them the notifications if you are posting a new video and likely it will increase the viewers for your particular video. A subscription also lets you acknowledge what sorts of videos viewers want to watch more. Based on that analysis, you can create videos which will engage more of your subscribers. 

4. Negative Feedback:
Comments on Youtube and facebook videos tells you how the viewers are taking your video. So, negative feedbacks will let you improve your video content and its quality. Some of the typical ways in which you might receive negative feedbacks are commenting bad about your video, hiding the videos from the timeline, unsubscribing the channel or unliking the videos. 

5. Bounce Rate:
Bounce rate is one of the bad aspects where viewer moves out from your webpage after watching an instance of your video. This leads to minimal CTR where the viewer is not going forward after watching your videos. In this case, generally, viewers leave the site completely after going to a particular page or video.  

6. Average Completion Rate:
The percentage of each video your audience watches is counted as the average completion rate. With this, you will be able to measure your video’s ability to grab the attention.  

7. Re-watches:
Rewatch is that time period where the audience watches your video again and again either full video or a portion of that video. This lets you understand that the viewers are more of interested in that type of content. Further, you can refine your video strategy and implement contents which your viewers are watching again and again.

8. Location and Audience:
Videos which you are posting will be worth when you have prepared those video content for a particular location and particular audience. Suppose you have created a video for a paper industry and you are selling it to IT industry. Will it work out? NO! When you have a video based on paper industry, you can simply target educational industry with the age group of 3 - 30 and in a particular location, say, Delhi. This will let you acknowledge, how successful you are at that location and which age group is getting it more. Targeting location and audience helps you know which type of content you can create for which audience. 

These metrics help you decide which content you need to create and curate. There are several metrics which a client would be looking for a graphic designer while he offers you freelance jobs. Among those several, these 8 metrics are most important and crucial. If you are able to meet the demands of your client and have the ability to create an engaging and interacting video with proper knowledge of how and where it will work out, then you are the perfect choice to get freelance work from home opportunity.   

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