Jan 23, 2019
7 Tips That Will Help You Enjoy the Benefits of Outsourcing
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More and more businesses are warming up to hiring freelancers online to carry out multiple corporate functions. The proliferation of outsourcing platforms or freelancing websites is enough proof that outsourcing has become a core element of a typical business plan. 

Freelancing is the most cost-effective route that a company can take that doesn’t affect the quality of its services in any way. 


Outsourcing, however, guarantee positive results only if done with professionalism. Those who have sorry tales to tell about their outsourcing experience with freelancers failed to follow certain rules and guidelines when hiring freelancers. 

The benefits of outsourcing your task on any of the numerous freelancing websites aren’t only impressive but actually, contribute to the overall growth of your business. 

Outsourcing ensures that you're focused on the core aspects of your business that fit your expertise. If you're a business owner with sharp entrepreneurial skills but aren’t tech savvy with an efficient IT team in place, then outsourcing the IT functions of your business is the only logical option that you have if you want optimal business results. 

Other significant perks that you get to enjoy from assigning your tasks to specialists include a reduction in overhead costs, an optimized solution for corporate issues because of engaging a specialized freelancer, and an increase in efficiency. 

If you wish to experience the numerous benefits attached to outsourcing, then you must check out the following tips  

1. Have a clear idea of the task as well as the desired outcome
Before choosing an outsourcing platform, you should have a clear idea of the task that you want to execute. Having salient knowledge of the work as well as the outcome that you want, helps you to craft a brief that is comprehensive and accurate.  

2. Convey instructions to the freelancer clearly
An important factor that affects the quality of an outsourced task is effective communication. Poor communication is guaranteed to lead to a poor outcome. Efficiently communicating vital information and instructions to a freelance expert is perhaps the only way both the outsourcing parties can align for the project completion. 

3. Vet the freelancer as you would for a full-time employee  
Although it is easy to dismiss the importance of adequately assessing the freelancer that you intend to outsource your project to, it is critical to know that outsourcing is a corporate practice you should take as seriously as other aspects of the business operations. 

Hiring freelancers online without adequately evaluating their expertise is bound to result in a catastrophic outcome. Though you may be lucky a few times, a bad freelance hire owing to negligent recruitment process will cost your business heavily at some point of time or the other. Always hire freelancers online after researching their areas of expertise, years of experience and reviews. Then, the odds of poor business results being frequent are quite low if you vet prospective freelancers before assigning tasks.  

4. Study each prospective freelancer’s portfolio
Before considering to hire freelancers online for a project, you should conduct a proper review of the freelancer's portfolio. Believe it or not, there are many freelance experts out there with compelling sales pitches who lack credible portfolios to back their words. While hiring any of these individuals isn’t catastrophic since some of them may genuinely have the expertise, it is still wise to see proof of the purported skill in the form of a portfolio before assigning the task to the qualified freelancer. 

5. Don’t be dictated in your hiring decision by price alone
While it is true that outsourcing gives you more flexibility regarding costs, it is erroneous to prioritize pricing over other essential factors when searching for a freelance expert. 

You are always going to find freelance service providers that will charge you below the market rate for the execution of any task; the question, however, is if the quality of the work matches the standard that you envisage. 
There is no argument here; while smart freelance experts try to keep their prices at the lower end of the market range in a bid to outbid the competition, unskilled and incompetent ones offer their services at prices that are way lower for the task in question.  

6. Ensure that the reward for timely completion and the penalty for late delivery are correctly spelled out 
Though many do not see the need for this merely because they expect the freelancer to be professional, it isn’t always the case when you have to deal with different kinds of individuals. To be safe in the knowledge that the freelance expert is committed to completing the assigned task, it is important that you spell out the rewards they will get—if there is one— for finishing the work before the deadline and more importantly, the penalty that they will have to pay for late delivery or complete failure to finish the job. 

7. Ensure that the agreement is in the written format and duly signed 
Your outsourcing transaction isn’t complete until the freelance expert, and you sign a document to the effect of all the conditions and terms agreed upon. A written document is the best way to guarantee that both outsourcing parties hold their ends of the agreement. 

Documents or contracts can be passed across via digital means with multiple copies made to safeguard the agreement. It is noteworthy that this practice isn’t prominent on freelancing websites, but this can be ascribed to the fact that these platforms are usually capable of handling possible disputes between clients and service providers.  

Outsourcing has become an essential component of corporate operations and isn’t just an alternative to the use of the in-house workforce. If your company wants to maximize its business potential, then you must decide to give outsourcing a try and endeavor to follow the tips in this article to handle outsourcing efficiently to get the best business results of your work. 


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