Oct 31, 2018
7 Steps To Kick Start Your Freelancing Career
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However, in the previous post, we discussed the possibilities and the future of freelancing which means, it is time for more enterprising individuals to begin building a freelancing business.

For many, making the transition to entrepreneurship or freelancing may seem scary, given that there would be no steady inflow of income like a day job, though many now a days agree that a day job is no more secure. Since you have already pursued it in free time and seen the results for yourself, it would be worth the risk.

Once you make that life enhancing decision, check these steps to get started easily and effectively. 

Step 1: Vision: Having a vision is very important and to begin thinking in those lines, you will need to let go of the “I can’t do it!” syndrome. Since you have already done some freelancing in your free time, you will need to convert those results into courage by translating it into reality.

Your idea of freelancing should begin with a realistic plan. Take the first steps and create a business name, an identity under which you will operate and earn.

Guy Kawasaki (The Art of the Start) asks, “Why am I starting this organisation? Why should customers patronise it?” Try answering this and you will see a clear and realistic path to achieve the goals you have set. 

Step 2: Business form: Keep your business goals in focus and decide on the form of business that you should establish. You can work as an individual, a sole proprietorship entity or as a limited liability company.

Depending on your goals, compliance requirements and tax planning choose the right platform, after due research. 

Step 3: Marketing collaterals: No business runs without marketing so you will need to start creating some marketing collaterals. To create buzz before you actually launch your business, you will need business cards and a website. Additionally you can start creating buzz by creating Twitter and Facebook accounts and announcing your offerings.

You will also need some word-of-mouth marketing going around in your family and social circles and it would be best to have some materials to distribute. This is very important since your friends and family will start generating referral business for you once they understand what you do. 

Step 4: Portfolio: You will have to convince your leads about the quality of work you do. This is where a portfolio can be of great help. Do not launch your business without a proper portfolio.

Creating a portfolio will need some time and energy. But, it is worth the investment given that it will give your business a lot of initial traction in the form of referral or lead conversions.

At Vulpith you can create a portfolio easily in addition to adding your existing portfolios from other online resources. 

Step 5: Organisation: You will need to create some policies for your new business before you begin work. This could include creating an invoice, quotation and other required templates, setting up an accounting process, getting a bank account opened and a few others as required by your form of business.

Never leave anything for later. By doing that you will not have a consistent branding and will end up wasting a lot of time organising things after they pile up. 

Step 6: Clients: When you launch your business, it will be good to have some clients in the bag. They will not only help you sustain the initial costs and expenses but also will help in getting more customers through referral marketing.

Marketing for any business is a continuous process. You will need to set aside some time during or after work to market your business and acquire clients on a continuous basis. You can invite your clients to Vulpith using a referral code and you can stand to win many benefits. 

Step 7: Attitude: During those initial days of business where you will have some ups and downs, do not panic. You will need to believe in yourself and make sure that you are positive every step of the way.

Do not think about the past, look ahead to a better future and take inspiration from other business leaders and fellow freelancers who are already successful.

Simply put, everyone has to ensure that today is better than yesterday. Stop by, think about the steps above, execute them and start your business with ease. Remember, believe in yourself and grow your business to heights that you thought were not scalable.

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