Apr 16, 2018
6 Social Media Guidelines You Should Not Miss
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Social media is an extremely powerful tool when you want to use it for your work or for business. Social media has a vast audience as well as it’s an important part of any kind of business or job in this digital era. While you are working as a freelancer, you need to know about social media and how to use it effectively so that clients are there in your hand you are in a continuous freelancing job. In Spite of social media usage, sometimes when you don’t know specific things regarding same because of which you get diverted from what you actually want to take advantage of social media platforms.

Being a freelance jobs website, we are sharing few social media guidelines for the reference of freelancers which will ultimately help them in working as a social media freelancer. 

1. Don’t Overshare the content 
Share the content which is related to your client or their business. Try to relate to the clients and their businesses with your contents on social media, be it an image, video, or a simple article it should just relate to the work. Don’t overshare the content which is not relevant to them. Apart from that, make sure that you are not sharing any personal matter to them as it’s none of their business. 

2.  Be responsive on social media
When you are a social media freelancer, your priority should be your followers and your audience. Never make them wait for the reply they are seeking for. Be responsive and reply to them as soon as possible. Be interactive, have a communicative connection with your audience and indulge with them on various topics via comment or posts. It’s not necessary that you respond to them in a single minute or in half an hour but make sure that you are never late than a day or two in replying to them.

This habit of being responsive and quick helps to retain the customer you have and also stop them from complaining the same with your client or the concerned business people. 


3. Don’t talk much about your income
When you are earning enough, you feel happy and no wonder if you want to let the world know about the same. But, professionally that’s not a great thought which you can put forward. For example, if you got a really big client some ABC and you want to share the news with the public then write something like this “I am lucky enough to work with renowned financial company ABC. It’s great to contribute my skills to them” rather than writing like this”Renowned company is paying me $34999 for their upcoming project upon which I am going to work”. It’s just not good to say like that. It should look impressive as well as professional. 

4.  Don’t talk about your Clients too much!
Many freelancers after grabbing a big opportunity with a client think to share with the client more and more. But, this is not ethical as well as professional. There are some points which you need to take care of while you want to share with the clients and their projects over social media platforms:  

  • Don’t take the name of clients however you can simply tell about the project such as what all you are working on. 
  • Don’t share the income you are getting from a client.
  • Don’t share each and every detail of the project. 
  • Don’t share anything on which you have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the concerned client.  

Make a note of these points and work accordingly otherwise it takes a less time to lose a client as well as the project. 
5.  Don’t make political or racism View:
While you are working as a social media freelancer, never ever give a thought to political or racism related content. Make a distance from posts which are based on politics or racism. Be away from hate speech such as making comments or posts on:

  • Appearance
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender 
  • Identity
  • Weight
  • Skin color
  • Religious talks 
  • Political talks and so on. 


6. Be social on social media platforms
“Social media platform has been into existence just for the cause of being social”

When you are using social media platforms, don’t just post each and everything relevant to business. Post social things such as some funny videos, simple videos, images, jokes, some sensible social messages and so on. We meant to say that you should not bombard the social media platform just with professional posts. Be social and make your platform look like its a social platform.

This simply helps you in interacting with the audiences with much ease. Interact them and keep them with you by being social.    

Social media is a powerful tool and it should be used in such a manner that it's beneficial to you as well as to the client. These are few points which when kept in mind will definitely bring the audience to you and will make you establish yourself as one of the top-notch freelancers. Apart from that, there are various points which when applied effectively gets you the positive result in your work.

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