Apr 18, 2018
5 Ways You can Search Freelance Clients
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Are you a freelancer? Are you able to find freelance clients for whom you can work and earn money? Are you struggling with finding clients for your remote work?

The freelance career is quite an interesting one to go ahead with. The strategy is simple. Work from home and earn money. But for working itself you need to find clients for whom you can work. For experienced freelancers, it's not that tough to find a client as they exactly know how they can get a client. But when it comes to new freelancers, it's quite tough for them to get clients. Vulpith - one of the best freelance websites, will be sharing few places or you can say methods with the help of which you can easily find clients to work from home.  

1. Freelance Marketplace:
As soon as the thought comes to mind - where I can find freelance clients online, the mind simply goes to the freelance marketplace. Over the period, there have been lots of freelance marketplaces where business and freelancers meet their requirements. These sources help the freelancers to get freelance IT jobs as well as clients also hire freelancers to meet up their project requirements. Some of the major freelance marketplaces include Vulpith, Peopleperhour, upwork, freelancers etc. There are lots of advantages when you go to these marketplaces as they help you in growing in a better way. Based on gigs and projects you can simply get some clients and it will be beneficial in terms of experience as well as in terms of gaining trusted clients. 

2. Blog/ Website: 
Though you can get few clients by having your own blog it's really not specified if they are certified clients or not. There might be chances of getting low-quality projects and you might get some good clients as well. By writing the blog, when you are generally letting the freelancers know about best practices in today’s world, there might be the possibility that you are hired by clients. If you go for blog promotion or do best of the SEO practices on your blog, you can get some good clients. Similarly having your own website can work in your favor when you are looking out for some clients. Create your website, design it well and store the qualitative information on your website in an innovative & creative way which can simply attract any sorts of user. Then, through your website, you can get your clients certainly. 

3. Use Your Existing Contact: 
While starting your career as a freelancer is going to be a little bit tough as you need to find clients related to your work domain. Why not start with the people whom you have known for a long time. Call them, email them or in simple word, contact them! This contact can be anybody - a friend, a colleague, previous clients from your job, some other freelancers etc. Tell them about your work domain, expertise, skills etc.

Talk to other freelancers related to your field. Be in contact with the best freelancers or you can say top-notch freelancers who are doing well in your domain. Get in contact with those expert freelancers and go smoothly with them as they will be helping you out in learning various techniques as well as they will be helping you in gaining some good clients.  


4. Have a look on Job Portals: 
While you are searching for clients, you can also go on searching few selective job portals. Many of the businesses, agencies & clients hire freelancers through these job portals. Where as some jobs are really good to go as a freelancer, few are such where you will be asked to do several works which could not be of your interest. You need to be selective. Prefer works which suit you best and hence you will be getting few clients using these job portals as well.

Generally, clients will elaborate the project summary on job portals along with facilities they are offering and the requirements they are searching for a professional. They will surely ask you about CV, portfolios etc to acknowledge your work experience. 

5. Email Marketing is one of the best option: 
While email marketing is growing efficiently in today’s digital world for marketing purpose, you can simply go with email marketing option and persuade this process to get some clients. Generally, businesses keep an eye on their mailing list and if they are looking for some good professional to work on their project, you might be the best match for their requirements.

Generate your mailing list based on your industry in which you are working or based on the skills which you have expertise. Send the emails and start your conversion process once any of the business people revert back to you. This is the beneficial way to get clients and most of the freelancers go through this process if they know how it would work profitably.  

Initially getting a client is really tough. There are several places or ways through which you can gain freelance clients for your freelancer work from home. You just need to discover them and act accordingly.

Vulpith is a freelance and outsourcing platform where you can get clients with ease. Just signup with us at https://vulpith.com and explore the freelance world. Let us know if you know few more ways to search freelance clients when you are new in this domain. Share your views with us here.   


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