Mar 21, 2018
5 Common Time Management Mistakes to Avoid
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Time is one such thing which doesn't wait for anyone irrespective of any incident. When it comes to business terms, saving the time is money. Productivity and time management are those skills which don’t come naturally to everyone. This needs to learn and utilize effectively. The most important thing when you want to go for time management & productivity is to identify the mistakes you’re making so you can be more efficient and better consign your energy. We, being one of the best freelance platforms, are going to point out few common time management mistakes which you must avoid in order to work with great efficiency and achieve your goal.

1. Improper planning of the day
To manage your time well, you need to have a proper planning for a day. This means that you should be aware of what is your goal of the day and how much you can work in a day. This is totally an efficiency-based planning. Plan each and every minute details which you need to accomplish within a day. Setting a proper goal with time is what you get as a productivity when done with great efficiency. You can plan out your day by using a calendar or a to-do list which elaborates all the stuff you will be doing in a day with a logical and proper approach.

2. Delaying or Postponing your work
Delaying or Procrastination can be extremely draining and a big waste of time. It’s easier to delay when you don’t have a proper structure to workout. When you delay or think to postpone a certain thing it just kills your time and makes a huge loss of work as well as time. When it comes to business, delaying of a certain work would come up with a huge loss. You can cope up with it by fixing small issues and working accordingly. You can just take some small steps so that instead of delaying or postponing your work, you are working with flexibility. When you will be giving priority to your most important thing so that it works out, you’ll be able to get them completed and out of the way early. Or else, if you are thinking to delay due to some reasons, just take a short break, refresh yourself and get back to your work.

3. Over Commitment
Working up to efficiency is fine. But when being overwhelmed or overjoyed you just think that you can do each and everything, then it sucks you badly. You need to think that you are not a superman who will be accomplishing all the works within a minute or a day. This is one of the reasons why the work gets delayed because you don’t have any idea from where to start and how to start the work. You don’t need to please others by saying yes to each and every work. Because this will only affect your productivity and take out your time. You need to know where lines should be drawn. This means you should have an idea of what is your efficiency and what you can do on a particular day.

4. Not Scheduling or Automating
Time management is all about to utilize your time effectively with efficiency. You must know how to manage time with your daily work routine. To save your time as well as to manage it properly, you need to think about scheduling or automating your tasks. This will help you out in drawing the graph of how the work needs to be finished in a certain time period and how you can carry out your tasks effectively. You can simply schedule or automate your task list with the help of few online tools.

5.Lacking proper concentration or problem in dealing with Distractions
While you are working, you need to make sure that you are not getting disturbed or in other words distracted. The reason is really very simple one. Lack of concentration will make you feel that the work you are doing is a burden. So better option is to not utilize newspapers, movies, televisions while you are on work. Avoid social media to being one of the biggest factors of distraction. Sometimes, emails also disturb you when you are working. The best way to avoid these things is to get rid of them for a certain time. Avoid all these stuff, finish your work and then get back to your normal routine.

Time management is really going to be tough if you think that you can do each and everything. Because not even a single task gets completed when you are just into imagination world and not turning your thoughts into reality. The above tips will help you to improve your work process and maintain a professional decorum. We are a freelancing platform where you can easily hire freelancers and can get the freelance jobs online. 

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