Apr 14, 2018
4 Reasons Why Freelancers Shouldn’t Accept Each & Every Gig
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As a freelancer, an individual's priority is to grab the opportunity or you might say gig whatever it comes in their way. Where some of the freelancers accept each and every gig in order to get hired, some of them are responsible enough to decide what is best for them and what project should they take in their hand so that it works out in their favor under all circumstances. Whenever you are trying to accept a gig make sure whether it is helping you in shaping up your career in the way you want or not.

Next time when you are considering a project, think about whether its beneficial for your career or not. You need to ask few questions from yourself before saying yes to the clients. Some of the important questions on which you should give a thought before going for freelance jobs are:
1. What amount you need monthly as your income?
The basic and important thing is salary. What is the income you are getting from that client for whom you want to work? Income is a crucial thing as you have the necessity of living eating and miscellaneous things.In beginning, you may accept any kind of project to meet your needs and necessities. That’s Ok enough when you are a beginner but as your experience increases and you are among professional freelancers with high experience you need to think about which project you should take and which you should not take. “Be professional and be selective”.

Before You start grabbing good projects and you get an opportunity to work with big clients, you need to make yourself in a position where you can learn something, achieve good and be an experienced persona. Invest your time in learning industry news, seeking mentorship, and developing new skills. This will help you in getting converted in experience freelancer and clients would like to hire freelancers like you. After that, you can easily fix the income what you want to take.
2. Will I get better gigs/projects after doing this one?
Let’s start with a small story. Suppose there are two clients for whom you are working. Client “A” is paying you around 200$ for writing an article of 500 words and client “B” is paying you 50$ for 500 words. Both of the clients with whom you are working are your proper clients (generally they are giving work to you only). Now if you see, you will be able to figure it out that client “A” is paying 4 times more than client “B”. Apart from that you will have to work for 4 times to meet the demands of Client “B” while you can easily gain the same amount from client “A” . While you select to work with Client “B”, it will be a hard job to complete it and also payment is much lesser. Rather than taking clients similar to client “B” , say no to them and go for clients like “A”.

Think about the betterment and benefit you can avail because anyhow you are not going to work from them in free. So take a chance, think sincerely and select the gig which you want to work upon. You can easily increase your ratings by working for great clients who are taking work from you smoothly and are also paying you enough to meet your demands.
3. Am I able to do the project?
In freelance jobs, sometimes, you feel like you have enough task to do or maybe the client is too much demanding or maybe the client isn't giving you enough pay to work, you have to learn to say a big NO. Getting exhausted while working is not a good thing for a short term or long term. You need to be prepared for the best clients you acquire rather than doing each and every gig you are getting in your way. Drop the idea to take every gig in your hand so that it let you feel like a burden while you are working in freelance IT jobs.

4. Will this gig/project take me to the new height of my career?
While starting your career in freelance, you need to think that is this work relevant to your work profile. This means, whatever projects you are undertaking is it relevant to your workspace? If it’s relevant to your work profile then you can easily go for that project. But, if the project is not relevant to your work profile, it’s not going to be beneficial for your career. Learn to say NO for such type of gigs which are not relevant to you.

Take the gig which is beneficial for your career. Don’t ever try to make each and every client happen. Based On the circumstances and several other factors decide which gigs you should take and which one you should not take!

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What's your take: Do you accept every gig whatever it comes your way or you take your time to decide what you want to do and then pick up the gig accordingly? Share your thoughts with us here by commenting below.

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