Apr 05, 2018
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Web design is one such thing which will never go off in the sense of business. But making a perfect and better website is not a task which everyone is capable of. While some web designers are very creative while designing and developing the website, few are such who make mistakes while they are creating a website. Being a web design & development company, we would like to share the insight about what you should avoid when you are there to create a website. 

1. Give the right “calls-to-action” to guide your customers.
When you are creating a webpage, it is obvious that you want your customers to reach you either by buying your products or by registering or reach your shop. To get the action done by your customers, you need to add the relative button for them to reach you. 

When the web pages are reviewed we get to see many pages which do not give the clear idea for their customers to reach them. That is the main reason their registrations or booking of products will be low. For the websites who initially had a low reply from customers, after adding the required buttons their registrations or the purchase of the products increased drastically. So, you should add a call to action button when you think to progress more in terms of business. If your page is simple, you can add the link that your customers can read further (based on their previous search) so that you don’t miss your customers.
2. Make a habit of adding your pricing information in your website
Many B2B and B2C companies do not list their pricing on their web pages. It might be a thought that you charge depending on the service. But the problem is that people search for the prices you offer. If you avoid adding information about the price, you may annoy the genuine customers who are willing to buy your products.  Sometimes customers come to you after having a look at the price which you will be charging them instead of your services.

It’s not negative to add your list of pricing, it can be an advantage for your sales team. When the customers search for the pricing and it is available, then they have an idea of how much you cost. Even after knowing your cost, if a customer approaches you, it means he/she is a genuine customer. When people approach you only to enquire about your price, your sales team is wasting their valuable time on the people who are not really interested in buying your products after hearing the cost. So, when you add the pricing list in your webpage you are silently eliminating the doubtful customers. 
3. Strengthen your internal links to increase the ranking of your page
The organization of content is as important as the content itself. When your web pages are organized it is easy for your customers to travel through the pages. The organized website is also helpful for the search engines to decide the important pages of your website. 

Important pages are found easily by the customers by internal linking. When the content of the web page is analyzed, and you figure out the most important pages, it is easy for you to give internal links. You need to be smart enough to understand the content of the whole website to give the right links. Through these links, only your customers can reach to your core page and that’s when you can increase your SEO ranking or your product purchases.
4. Think of switching your website to HTTPS
Many companies these days are getting their websites change from HTTP to HTTPS. This conversion can help in securing your website from competitors duplicating your website. By avoiding the duplication, you can increase the ranking of your website which would have been reduced if the duplicate exists. It will be difficult for the search engine to decide which version of the website is better. 

It is good to learn from your mistake, but it is smart to learn from others mistake. That you have found the most common mistakes people do while creating their websites. You can now avoid those mistakes and grab the attention of your customers.  While creating a website, make sure you are not making such mistakes which is going to hamper the growth of your business in coming future.

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What steps you take to create a perfect website? Do share with us by commenting below.


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