Feb 28, 2019
Six Ways To Make Freelancers Credible To Clients
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In recent times, there has been a drastic change in the workforce landscape. Organizations around the world are into hiring freelancers instead of full-time, in-house employees as there are more people opting for freelancing. 

Freelancers tend to bring unique skill-sets and have a fresh perspective. They also help in completing a task more quickly as they work on different schedules and different time zones.

But there are several challenges while hiring and working with freelancers – one of the main challenge being the credibility of the freelancer working on a particular project. 

While companies still place more trust and credibility in hiring full-time employees, there are strong reasons for building a strong team of freelancers. The credibility issue of freelancers can be resolved if the communication is clear and the collaboration between the employer and the freelancer is without any hurdles.

Here are six ways of building credibility in freelancers for the clients 
1. Creating a company style guide
There are some clients who do not like to provide complete information to the freelancer before starting the project. They provide very little information in the beginning and provide the needed information only after the signing of the contract. 

However, providing sufficient information in advance, that is required by the freelancer, is the crucial step for a successful collaboration between the employer and the freelancer. 

When you hire a freelancer, you need to know that the required information and details can make or break the project’s success. Having a company’s own style guide helps, keeping everyone on the same page and it is a must if one employs freelancers. 

A style guide defines and creates standards for the external and internal corporate documents and serves as a significant resource for all employees for better communication and collaboration. The style guide should provide all the necessary parameters for work and should facilitate clear and effective communication between the freelancer and the organization. 

In this way, the style guide not only helps in building and maintaining loyalty, credibility, and professionalism, but also saves a lot of time for both the freelancer and the employer. 

2. Avoiding Micromanagement 
One important thing that brings in the credibility while working with freelancers is giving them the space that they need. Complete freedom to do their task is quite important for project success. And when hiring freelancers, the client needs to completely trust the freelancers as they are all specialists in their field. The client needs to understand that each freelancer can make informed decisions and unnecessary micromanagement may slow down the work process. 

By giving them the space that they need to run their projects without running down their necks with unnecessary interruptions will help in the credibility and successful project delivery in an efficient manner. 

3. Ensuring on-time project delivery
Freelancing platforms are a great option for building trust and credibility in freelancers by the client. Clients feel more confident when they hire freelancers on top freelancing sites like Vulpith as they act as guarantee for the on-time delivery and quality of the project. 

If you want to know how Vulpith ensures credibility in freelancers when they work with a client, download the free eBook.

4. Have an agile communication mechanism in place 
When a freelancer works hard for the project and does not get any information about the impact project has on the business goals, he or she cannot be expected to deliver the value to you. 

Do remember that the freelancer works as hard as the regular employee and for them, the necessary information, resources if any and feedback for their work are just as significant as it would be for any employee. 

The lack of information and feedback leads to not only delays in your project but also impact on the quality of the deliverable and value these deliverables bring. Furthermore, it demonstrates a lack of respect for your freelancer’s efforts and time. Also involving freelancers motivate them and they will have a sense of belonging towards the project that they are working on.

5. Trying out freelancers before hiring them
When businesses hire freelancers, they can escape the obligations that are required with regular employees. Freelancers can work with employers for a certain period of time only or until the completion of the projects. 

Employers can continue extending the job offer if they are completely satisfied with the freelancer’s work. This way, the employer gets a chance to assess the work of freelancers before they hire them permanently for the organization.

6. Hybrid combinations work best 
When you’re building a startup, it can be expensive to hire a full-fledged team right away. Also when you provide services, and if you have all employees in your organization, it will hurt your already tight margins. Besides, you need to understand correctly your hiring and firing needs in the short and long run as both hiring and firing are cumbersome and costly efforts. 

A hybrid team combination helps you to utilize your human resources in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. 

Case1: You need 5 developers to complete the project. You can hire 1 Sr. Developer and 1 full-stack developer, 1 UI/UX developer as permanent employees, and 2 freelance developers - for front-end developer and back-end developer. 

Case2: You need 3 content writers in your organization. You can hire 1 Sr. Content writer as a permanent employee and 2 freelance writers. 

Case3: You need 5 business development persons in your organization. You can hire 1 BDM and 1 BDE as permanent employees, and 3 business development persons like lead generation experts, email campaigners etc as freelancers. 

As seen in the above example, a hybrid team combination helps you to utilize your human resources in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

Although the workforce has been shifting towards freelancing like never before, their efforts won’t be much fruitful and credible unless organizations provide value to the freelancers’ talent and embrace them. 

Businesses can get many benefits such as improving their productivity when they hire freelancers, especially from freelancing websites like Vulpith. 

Based on a survey we conducted in December 2018, we realized that companies still have certain myths about freelancers and are not sure how to manage them efficiently.

We discuss in-depth more freelancing challenges and solutions in our free eBook: How To Manage Freelancers And Get The Business Results You Want 

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